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Mudavadi said the government is making efforts to change the economic situation in the country


The government is making efforts to avoid Kenyans from the high cost of living, Cabinet Secretary General Musalia Mudavadi said.

The Secretary General assured that corruption and misuse of public funds will not be tolerated within the government system and called on Kenyans to emulate that example and become law abiding citizens.

“A good country is one that respects the law and is free from corruption. If you are given the opportunity to serve, be a servant of the people and not a master of duplicity whose agenda is to fulfill personal interests at the expense of serving Kenyans,” he said.

Mudavadi was speaking when he presided over the 44th annual Vihiga cultural festival at the Mbale municipal grounds, Vihiga County. He emphasized that changing the fortunes of Kenyans is still the main agenda of President William Ruto’s administration.

Although the year has been difficult economically for many Kenyans, Mudavadi was optimistic that there is hope in the near future and called for patience.

“My request to Kenyans, even when we say goodbye in 2023, is to remain hopeful and support the government’s policies. The government means good to all Kenyans,” Mudavadi assured Kenyans.

The Secretary General maintained the government’s position that the Kenya Kwanza administration inherited a stagnant economy and urged Kenyans not to misinterpret the government’s position when they are asked to tighten their belts for a little while.

“We are making efforts to stabilize the economy in every way possible. We promise Kenyans that we will fulfill every promise we made and where we face challenges, we will definitely tell Kenyans the truth without hiding any cards under the table,” Mudavadi said.

Adding: “we agree that our predecessors disrupted the economy and that is the truth. But we can no longer continue to dig the hole but find ways out of the hole. As a government, we were elected by the people to fix the mess so that we don’t point fingers and do nothing.”

He said he will be at the forefront of making sure Kenyans have accurate information and statistics regarding the state of the country’s economy, after serving in previous governments as finance minister and other positions. He reiterated that the time for the blame game has long passed but to gather together as leadership and as people and change the future direction of the country’s economy.