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Mtumba Man beaten by his girlfriend


Kenyan content creator Mtumbaman has been assaulted by his girlfriend. The comedian took to his instagram page to share various clips of how bad the unidentifed ldy beat him leaving him with serious injuries. According to video he shared, there were blood stains on his left thumb and his shirt was badly tattered.




Apart from the bodily harms, the lady also destroyed a lot of items such as his phones and other household things. Mtumba man who ws crying while making the video said that he would be in prison if he was not raised well as he has been passing through a lot in the hands of the lady.






These are some of the posts he made on his instagram account;

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The many times I wanted to move on mjinga mimi nikama nilirogwa, I kept on going back but this time round its OVER I mean it.Yes she is the one 🥺 not @ogaobinna naona kila MTU anauliza kwani dem yake ni Oga 🤔 he just came through for a brother. What matters right now is my health (physical/mental) zingine naachia Mungu coz police station the best they could do is to laugh at me💔 “unapigwa aje na mwanamke” you’ll all be saying that untill you see someone 6feet under.






Mtumba man praised Oga Obinna for always standing with him during his hard times.

”At first it was so hard talk about kupigwa na girlfriend coz of my society, name, brand and fear of the outcome until I realised that nobody will know what happened when am gone. You’ll know he’s a brother when he spends the whole day with you no matter the meetings, family na all that he was to do today 🤗🤗 Baada kisu, kucha, Meno na uharibifu ya vitu kwa nyumba, this nigga @ogaobinna is always there for me 🫂 bro God bless you 🙏 he pulled up with alot of energy and time. Si am blessed having such people around me.” He posted.