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MPs Tell president Ruto High Taxes is declining ‘Bottom-Up’ leadership


Kenya’s ruling Kwanza MPs on Tuesday 7,2023 told President William Ruto how voters continue to lose patience with them due to new taxes and high fuel prices.

The press has revealed that the MPs cried out to the President during the parliamentary session at the White House on Tuesday, November 7, 2023, asking him to look at how he will return the oil subsidy to prevent oil from rising again when the new prices are announced next week, November 14, 2023.

At the same time, some lawmakers expressed displeasure with the government’s plan to send 1,000 policemen to fight dangerous gangs in Haiti. The MPs are alleged to have told the President that they have begun to be scolded when they are in the field due to some policies that include high taxes, and that they have gone against the ‘Bottom-Up’ manifesto which intended to lower the cost of living.

According to the MPs who attended the session on Tuesday morning, the President rejected the proposal to restore the fuel subsidy saying that it is not a sustainable plan and that the government will not be able to afford the cost of continuing it.

He only said that they will use the price stabilization fund which he said the Government will use to cool the sharp rise in oil prices. On Monday, November 6, 2023, Minister of Energy Davis Chirchir had said that the price of oil may hit Sh300 per liter in the coming months due to the ongoing war between Israel and the Hamas group.

The president is said to have told lawmakers that they need to be “loved by the public only at certain times, and not all the time.” Special Senator Veronica Maina is said to be leading others in telling the President about the cries of Kenyans, and that the Kenyan government should first find ways to protect the people, according to the MPs who attended.

Several circles that spoke to press have confirmed that concerns about oil prices were among the main issues, while some lawmakers said the current administration was losing the support of voters due to its policies.

“The government does not increase the price of oil. The president does not increase the price of oil. It is the price of crude oil in the market that we buy that has increased and affected the price in this country,” a member of parliament quoted the President as saying.

President Ruto is also said to have told the meeting that some of the challenges the nation is currently experiencing are due to the burden of debts from the previous government.

“There was a proposal from a member of parliament that the government remove some taxes, but the President told them that the government has not increased any taxes on fuel. He said the high price of oil is due to the decline in the value of the Kenyan Shilling, and the increase in the price of oil in the international market,” reported another member of parliament.

President Ruto won the election in 2022 through a series of promises, including that of creating millions of jobs, solving the problems of those with low income and reducing the cost of living. But the new tax that came into effect in the new Kenya Kwanza budget from July 1, 2023, has made life expensive while hitting all businesses hard.