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Mothers give their reason for not taking a shower.


Mothers in Murang’a county have expressed their concerns to the county government about the lack of clean water to the extent that many of them have put the brakes on cleaning their bodies.

Speaking to Ntv, the mothers said that there has been a shortage of water in many areas of the county to the extent that the mothers do not pay attention to hygiene because they do not have a bath and now they smell.

“When children come out of school, they don’t have time to study, they have to go and fetch water, and the water they go to fetch is from the dam, which comes down as mud mixed with dirty water from the waste. Your water is green, what is our governor doing? People are suffering because of water,” said Ruth Mwangi, a resident of the county.

“We don’t have water, the people of Maragua, if you go to Kabiti, all the people are fighting for water, we don’t have water, our mothers are dirty. Even if you come here to Kenol, you will see how dirty the people are there, there is no water for bathing,” Margaret Njuguna from Maragua argued.

Mary Wamaua, MP for Maragua gave a short deadline for the government to solve the water problem in the county otherwise they will march to the presidential palace to express their grievances.

“We want the county parliamentarians to look into the issue of MUSWASCO and if they fail, we will march to the palace, if it is the office that we voted for to ensure that those behind the lack of service at MUSWASCO are removed,” she said.

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