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Most Marketable Education Subject Combinations

Subject Combinations

Most Marketable TSC Subject Combinations.

Making the best choice is always the best thing one can do in life. Most teachers find themselves in an uncomfortable position when they stay too long before securing a job with TSC. Some get employment instantly after graduation, others to the extent of one year after graduation while others stay up to five (5).

Securing an employment opening with TSC is always defined by the following factors;

  • Subject Combinations
  • Length of stay after graduation
  • The willingness of one to work in any part of the Country

1. Biology and Chemistry

This combination is also among the best when it comes to TSC employment. Any Combination with Chemistry is so unique because its only Physics and Biology that can be combined. Make a nice move and enroll in this combination if teaching is your forte.

2. Home Science with any subject (Biology)

The best subject combination is Home science with any subject. The good thing with this is that it is not a must for one to have taken Home Science in KCSE, so long as one did Biology and scored C+ and above.

3. Physics and Chemistry 

Over many years this subject combination has proved to be the best and most marketable when it comes to TSC employment. Arguably, its marketability is boosted by the fact that few students enroll for this unique combination. If your passion is in teaching and you’ve scored C+ and above in Chemistry and Physics do not hesitate to enroll and make a good plan for your future.

4. Biology and Agriculture

Biology and Agriculture is also the best combination that can effortlessly land you a job with TSC. It is not only about TSC employment, but a teacher with agricultural skills can also manage activities related to farming in a school and ultimately earn a living from it. Farming pays off well if well managed. One can sell the produce to school or any ready market and reap big.

5. Chemistry and mathematics;

Most people consider these two as difficult subjects. This makes few students take it, giving them a better chance at TSC employment.

6. Mathematics and Geography;

This combination is one of the best ones. It places you way ahead of others.

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7. Geography and History;

TSC usually considers students who have taken these subjects because it involves humanities.

8. Mathematics and computer studies;

This is currently pretty marketable in Kenya.

9. Mathematics and Physics;

People have the notion that these two are both difficult subjects, hence, few students end up taking it and this makes it marketable.

10. Computer Studies With any Subject

Computer Studies with any combination is also one of the most coveted combinations that will reduce your tarmacking period. Having computer skills is an added advantage is school setup with everything going digital it means one earn an extra living through computer skills. With this NEMIS (https://nemis.education.go.ke) & TPAD era its Computer studies teachers who salvage the situation. It’s not only TPAD even when filling KRA returns (http://www.kra.go.ke)Computer Studies teachers reap big through their Computer skills.

Last Words

Subject combination of Geography & Business is good if one cannot enroll for those mentioned above its good to settle for it.

Subject combinations like English & Literature, Kiswahili & Geography, Kiswahili & History, Kiswahili & Religion, Mathematics & Business are not good to go for and one can easily stay for long before securing employment with TSC.