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Moses Kuria Biography, Age, Politics, Scandals, Facts, Wife

Moses Kuria

Moses Kuria, the character with a powerful political foundation has heaps of contentions connected to him.

Are these debates truly evident? Or then again, is there some shrouded political plan behind these realities. Moses Kuria who is blamed for his cruel words has a couple of obscure snippets of data about himself to uncover. Investigate the biography of Moses Kuria through this article.

Moses Kuria is an outstanding lawmaker. He was conceived in Kenya in the year 1971 at his country home. At present, he is the Member of Parliament for Gutandu South Constituency, Kiambu County. Aside from that, he is additionally an individual from the Jubilee Alliance where individuals from various nations have joined for a typical reason. There’s an interesting side to his political race-winning story where he won the Gutandu political race without the political decision, in any event, occurring; in light of the fact that his resistance Joachim Kamere of the New Democrats party pulled back himself from the race. He has an exceptional fondness towards the clan and extraordinary help for Mr. Kenyatta.


Moses Kuria began his tutoring in 1983 by joining Gituya Primary School, four years after which he joined Ituru Secondary School, lastly graduated in the year 1993 with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Nairobi. He is very accomplished and a man of information. He was the treasurer of the Students Organization of Nairobi University. This was one of the primary purposes behind his entrance into legislative issues.


Moses Kuria initially met his significant other Joyce Nambi when his previous manager Mr. Chris Wingfield requested that he visit Saudi Arabia. Moses Kuria and Joyce Nambi got hitched in Saudi Arabia. They have two kids; young men, ages 12 and 9. One of them was conceived in Saudi Arabia and the other in Dubai.

Moses Kuria
Moses Kuria

Political Career

After the declaration of Hon Jossy Ngugi’s demise who was exclusively liable for overseeing Gatundu South’s kin, speaking to the TNA party, Kuria was chosen. IEBC was answerable for straightforwardly choosing Kuria. Later news came that Moses Kuria had gotten the necessary help from the statehouse. Moses Kuria has substantiated himself as one of the exceptional individuals from the Parliament who has consistently been blunt and occupied with different dubious occasions.

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Moses Kuria Career

After a short spell, he looked for work at Family Finance and Building Society yet would differ with the proprietor, Mr. Titus Muya, after just four days over cash. “During the half-year probation, I was to be paid Sh8,000 and after affirmation, he would pay me Sh6,000. I didn’t perceive any sense,” says Moses Kuria. That is the way he arrived at Standard Chartered Bank in 1995.

Following seven years, his previous manager at Standard Chartered, Mr. Chris Wingfield, had moved to Al Rajhi, the biggest Islamic bank on the planet. “I got a call from Mr. Wingfield in 2002 and said he needed me in Saudi Arabia. Aside from great advantages, I likewise met my significant other Joyce Njambi there,” he says.

Moses Kuria Salary?

As indicated by our dependable source, an MP in Kenya gain a month to month fundamental assessable compensation of Kshs. 532,500 and various stipends, which means every part get a normal least gross pay of Ksh1,378, 000. The recompenses incorporate mileage, sitting and duty advantages.

Moses Kuria meet with Larry Madowo

Larry Madowo is a columnist by calling. His meeting with Moses Kuria is frequently discussed. Moses Kuria, who is a celebrated character in Kenya, showed up in one of the meetings which were facilitated by Madowo. The meeting began all well yet went in a new direction. This is what occurred:

There was a progression of inquiries barraged at Kuria extending from questions about his vocation way and all types of political charges forced upon him. He was addressed in regards to whether he was a piece of some other ideological group while remaining at Pangani. Moses Kuria observed the standard of being one for all. He passed on an exercise to all Kenyans that no one should speak more loudly so as to help an ideological group. The questioner additionally stressed on whether Kuria settled upon in Pangani cell since vernacular advisory groups’ individuals were likewise present. Kuria expressed that there are no such contrasts watched. While Kuria was effectively enjoyed the Pangani cell, he found that the Members of Parliament scarcely uncover about their individual feelings of dread. Moses Kuria expressed two explanations behind not having the option to communicate, fundamentally – stringent standards and spotlight on other issues, for example, nourishment issues, and so forth.

Larry guaranteed that in contrast with other lawmakers, Moses Kuria has been blamed for detesting discourse in people in general. As words can be an essential driver behind the war, consequently, such abhor talks surely don’t convey a decent picture. Moses prevented the reality from securing such political allegations and expressed in cynicism that it is hard to comprehend numerous things. He asserts all government officials are approaching to hold turns in rejoining the nation. Moses Kuria even proceeded to utilize cruel words against the reporting business. During the meeting, he expressed that on the off chance that government officials like him can settle on anything in two days, then presumably they are generally more skilled than columnists like Larry Madowo.

After a progression of inquiries when Kuria was posed to whether they derided the lawful framework, he addressed that he was praising the law and furthermore he cited

“There is nothing as sweet as freedom”.

Kuria ridiculed individuals, traded brutal words and thought about that all the days they had a similar cell they were doing these for the nation’s advancement.

The meeting crashed and burned when Madowo got some information about what number of his cases are pending on his despise discourse and why he would not like to discuss his records which are named as perilous.

Kuria offended Madowo by noting that, Madowo ought to have led fundamental research on him and furthermore writers like him ought to be appropriately prepared, and there are 25% of individuals who are not among significant populace simply like Madowo who offer such expressions on Kuria. The cruel words which he utilized were surely not reasonable enough, and we surmise his character could be all around made a decision by the individuals of Kenya.

The host of the meeting was booed at by people in general via web-based networking media and many expected Madowo to apologize for the dubious remarks he made about Kuria. In any case, The Trend Show has adhered to his point by immovably saying that If he needs to have the show again he wouldn’t modify anything.