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Modern Coast Bus Online Booking and Pay With Mpesa

Modern Coast Bus

Modern Coast Bus Kenya is a fleet of luxury buses that operate within Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. The bus company, Modern Coast Express Ltd, begun operations on 26th May 2007.

Modern coast online booking service is one of their quality services that have led to the bus company opening more than 30 branches in Kenya. This is in addition to many others in Uganda and Tanzania.

Today traveling is very comfy. The process of booking is now simple and straightforward. Technology has played a crucial role in improving the ticketing system.

At your home, be it rural areas or upcountry, you can book the Modern Coast bus. You have heard of Modern Coast online booking, and its benefits are enormous. Avoid wasting time and long queues.

Embrace technology and feel the warmth of booking online. Here you will find the modern coast bus online booking process and contacts.

Most people in East Africa prefer traveling by bus. Some of the possible reasons could be the maximum comfort, cost, speed, and safety. Different bus companies offer various types of services. Modern coast buses provide incredible services to clients traveling to the regions in East Africa.

Routes covered by the Bus

Before you start the booking process, you need to know whether the bus can take your desired destination. Since 2007 when Modern Coast Bus services began, the company has grown exponentially. Currently, the buses operate in Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya. It is worth noting that coaches have power outlets, internet connection, and a sleeping couch. The company has 30 branches in Kenya in various towns such as Migori, Kisii, Nakuru, Mombasa, Nairobi, Meru, Embu, Busia, Kericho, and Kisumu. Modern Coast is currently planning to cover other routes in the future.

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Easy steps for Modern Coast Bus online booking Process

First, open modern.co.ke: Nowadays, almost every device can access the internet. Use whatever can get to the internet, not necessarily a computer.

One such best example is a mobile phone. Use your mobile phone for convenience. The website has a blue background and the company’s logo, so it is difficult to confuse it with another one.

You will see various options on the home page of the company, but your primary task is to conduct bus booking.

You will see a place written ‘GET STARTED’ on the website’s left side: Click on it and select the correct details. The information that you should submit in this stage includes where you are traveling from, the destination, the travel date, and the cost in Kenyan shillings. This part should take a few seconds or minutes.

Select route: After you have selected all the details, you will see a display of all buses that travel on the chosen route on that particular day. You can see the prices, departure time, and reporting time.

The rates given depends on the level of comfort, the position of a seat, and the distance covered. The available seats prices are the VIP, first-class seats, and business class seats.

You have to decide based on your preference or budget. Of course, comfy travel comes with extra charges.

The next step is to select your preferred bus: Ensure that you choose the correct arrival, departure time, and cost. Do you want to find yourself in an unintended destination? Then, be keen while selecting these options.

Look at the reporting time and make sure that you can arrive on time. Be realistic and honest with yourself. You do not want to underestimate the time that it can take to arrive at the booking office.

Avoid going to the bus station late at all costs. Arriving at the bus station after the bus has left is an unfortunate situation and will leave you with the pain of losing your coach with no refund.

Select your preferred seat: You will see differently available seats on the website. The choice is yours because people have different needs and preferences.

There are those who like sitting near a bus window while others prefer front or middle seats. The brightly colored seats are available for you to select.

After selecting your favorite position, click submit. Once you have chosen a position, it pops out. This method is excellent because it is easy to confirm that you made the right choice.

Enter personal details in the payment form: In the form, you are required to give information such as your name, phone number, passport, nationality, national identification number, and email.

These details are essential for verification and security purposes, so it is necessary to answer them truthfully. After that, select the payment option such as MasterCard, Visa, or M-Pesa.

What if I want to use M-Pesa? After selecting M-Pesa, you will instantly receive a message that gives information about the account number and the M-Pesa pay bill number.

This service prevents making wrong payments that could lead to unnecessary delays or loss of money. This process makes modern coast oxygen bus online booking entirely secure and accessible for everyone.

The last step is to make the actual payment. It is advisable that you pay your ticket within fifteen minutes. You should start the next step after you get a message on your mobile phone.

Failure to pay within the allocated time could lead to a loss of a chosen seat, so it is essential to keep time. After making the payment, M-Pesa sends a confirmation message to you.

Additionally, the Modern Coast bus sends a different message to confirm that you have booked your preferred seat. The message that the Modern Coast bus sends to you contains the ticket number.

Keep the ticket number safely to avoid any inconveniences. The above are the eight easy steps that you should follow while booking Modern Coast buses online.

After successful completion, keep the essential messages and take note of the correct timing. You do not want to be in a position where you already have the ticket, but the bus leaves before arriving.

Modern Coast buses value time because it is a company that has earned an excellent reputation over the years for its reliability and honesty.

You can get any further assistance by contacting Modern Coast Bus on: Facebook and Twitter,

Mob:+254 705 700 888,788 888 800,729 403 589 or E-mail: info@modern.co.ke

Head Office Next to Makupa Police Mombasa Tel: +254 20 202 3775 Cell: +254 709 897 101, +254 709 897 000 E-mail: info@modern.co.ke