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Mixed Emotions, Concerns Following The Launch Of An App That Cancels Mpesa Messages


You WILL need to be more careful if you are a business that uses electronic methods to receive payments from customers.

This is following the emergence of a new App known as Fake Text (Fake Message) which may cause huge losses to sellers and various service providers. The app, which can be easily downloaded for free through the Apps on Google Play network, allows the user to change all the messages and change them as they like.

In addition, besides enabling the user to add additional parameters to the relevant message, the Fake Text app allows changing the name of the sender and also when the message was sent.

The website of the organization of technology experts known as Softonic defines the Fake Text Message app as “as the name suggests, it is a free lifestyle app that allows you to use and receive fake messages.”

“It’s a great way to help you get out of a sticky situation as long as you can change the message and write something that looks like it needs to be addressed urgently.”

“You can also change the name of the sender to make the message more reliable. Fake Text Messages also stores all the fake messages you have sent or used in its Message History section.

You will see the names of all the senders and all the messages you sent them.” The controversial app has been seen to excite some Kenyans on social media while businessmen and service providers who use the digital payment system are warned to be careful otherwise they will face huge losses.

Through a video widely circulated on the internet, a group of young people recorded themselves on the Tiktok network rejoicing after successfully changing the payment message through Mpesa.

The youth defrauded a businessman out of millions, according to the Director of the Organization involved in Data Issues in East Africa, George Njoroge.

“In a new saga, tech-savvy youths are creating fake payment numbers to defraud retailers. This cunning fraudster has caused the theft of goods worth millions,” warned Mr Njoroge through the X social network.

“There is a trick to change Mpesa messages that costs many businesses. Using an app they create a fake Mpesa message that appears on the subject’s phone. For business, insist on delivering the product after seeing the message on your side or you will be washed away!” explains the Editor-in-Chief and Founder of Kenya Insights, Kenya West.

This app is a major blow to businesses, especially at this time when the cost of living is increasing and causing businesses to falter as many end up being closed.

“I have seen the video of Mpesa fraud and I am shocked by the messages. How can we celebrate such a crime? Businesses are already facing hard times and now we are adding to their misery by turning to theft?” He interviews a businessman named Farhiya Abass.

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