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Mitchell Ntalami Cautions People Against Mixing Friendship With Business


CEO of Marini Naturals Mitchell Ntalami has shared some challenges of doing business with friends. Ntalami shared few insights to the key factors that contribute to a harmonious working relationship.

According to Mitchelle, the foundation of a successful business partnership with friends is based on the patterns that define the relationship. Mitchell says that if disagreements prevail in a friendship even getting into business together will amplify the challenges. Ntalami’s post in part read,

“People always ask me how I manage to do business with a friend, yet we seem to hardly fall out. I’ll tell you this from my experience; it all boils down to energy & patterns. Getting into business with a friend is very much like getting into a relationship with a partner. If you argue a lot with your partner in your relationship, chances are if you go into business, you’ll argue a lot too,”

Mitchell also discussed her partnership and collaboration with Niyati Patel. Their strong friendship has been characterized by understanding each other , their shared laughter and mutual respect for each other’s roles as CEO and Managing director. Mitchell’s point about the seamless change from friendship to business explains more on the importance of patterns. With established patterns of effective communication, respect and understanding, they easily extend to the business realm.

“@niyati.patel_ and I hardly argue as friends. We get each other and we laugh a lot. So this easily translates to business. We respect each other and the roles we both play as CEO & MD. Life with Niya as a friend is easy. So business with her is easy too. That’s the pattern, simple,”

Ntalami however cautioned people against assuming that just any friend could become a business partner.