Home CRIME Migori Residents Invade Police Station After Teacher Was Shot, Killed by Soldiers

Migori Residents Invade Police Station After Teacher Was Shot, Killed by Soldiers


Angry residents of Kegonga Station in East Kuria Sub-County, Migori County, stormed the Kegonga Police Station to complain about the death of a male teacher.

Samuel Muturi was allegedly shot by the station’s police officers on Christmas night. Armed with stones and sticks, the residents closed all the roads into the city after the incident; they went to the police station, threw stones at the soldiers who were there. Outnumbered by the rioting youths, the police fired in the air and fired tear gas to chase them away.

According to the bodaboda operator who was transporting the deceased to his home, a group of officers were confronting a group of people who were in a club on Christmas night. Then they opened fire and killed the thirty-three-year-old man who was on his way home.

“It was almost midnight and I went to pick up Mwalimu and his brother at Club called Vannah and when I was returning home several policemen attacked us,” said Samuel Simange, a bodaboda operator.

The waiter said he managed to escape with the brother of the deceased before he was shot dead.

“I ran and a female police officer chased me, I was lucky to climb the window of an unfinished house which saved my life, the teacher was not so lucky,” he recalled.

The incident provoked the residents of Kegonga town, who complained about the negligence of the officials. Led by Nyabasi East MCA Nyamohanga Daniel Maroa, the residents accused the officials of being lax and taking bribes due to the extreme insecurity in the area.

“Instead of dealing with insecurity, we have officers who have been harassing us with bribes and releasing suspects. We want all officers involved in this horrific killing to be prosecuted,” said the MCA.

The officers, in their defense, denied the claim that the deceased was wanted. East Kuria police chief Patrick Njoroge said the officers were responding to a distress call in a robbery incident.

“In the middle of the night, we received a call that a group of people were robbing residents in Kegonga town, we acted quickly and arrived at the scene,” Njoroge said.

He said officers found approximately 10-15 men in the area, and an altercation ensued in which two shots were fired in the air, with the second accidentally hitting the victim in the chest.

Migori county commissioner David Gitonga arrived at the scene to calm the residents. Gitonga, in addition to admitting the mistakes of the police who allegedly shot the teacher, asked the residents to be calm so that the detectives can complete their investigation.

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