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Men’s lives continue to be shorter since the Corona outbreak.


Researchers from the University of California in the United States have found that the gap between the lives of men and women continues to widen since the epidemic that began in 2019. While men’s life expectancy continues to decrease, that of women has not changed at all.

Apart from the corona epidemic, cases of self-piercing, drug use, accidents among other incidents, have been affecting men more than women.

“The decrease in men’s life expectancy has been attributed to self-harm, drug addiction that leads to diseases such as liver disease. Many men are also the ones who fall under the burden of the economy and end up suffering from mental stress,” said the study.

“Although deaths due to narcotics have increased among men and women, it is clear that men are the majority if you evaluate the statistics of these deaths,” added the study.

Before the advent of the corona virus, the main causes of death for men were suicide, heart disease, murder due to domestic disputes, accidents and diabetes.

At the beginning during the corona, the action of many men to delay seeking treatment, being at greater risk of infection, mental problems, domestic disputes also affected men and caused their death.

Since then there has not been much change because some of the men who lost their jobs have not yet returned to work. In addition, the economic burden continues to be heavy and shake men, who are the most reliable in many families.

To save men’s lives and enable them to live for a long time, the researchers suggest that, great efforts should be invested in giving advice to men especially about their mental health.

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