Home BUSINESS Meet Nakuru Man who Buys Bedbugs and Cockroaches

Meet Nakuru Man who Buys Bedbugs and Cockroaches


It sounds awkward and funny but a Kenyan man has created job opportunities for many youths in Nakuru city by buying the stubborn bedbugs and cockroaches.

Stephen Mwangi is a businessman who has created opportunities to others through his initiative of collecting bedbugs and cockroaches. He is daily receiving these anthropods for display in the streets.

Here is how it works; Mwangi is a seller of insecticides and so as a way to convince his potential customers, he needs some of the insects to be used as examples. So he collects the bedbugs and cockroaches and sprays them as his potential customers watch to prove how effective his insecticides are.

Mwangi said that he started with only 200 insects daily but now he uses over 2000 daily. To get all these, he requires other people to help in collection. He has therefore employed some youths to collect for him and in return he pays them ksh. 5 per insect.

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