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Meet Indian man who has never eaten for 70 years

There is no possibility, scientificaly, that one could live a full month without eating. When the body is forced to prolonged hunger, its own mechanisms begin to fail. Prahlad Jani is a guy who appears to defy all natural laws, and his presence leaves experts baffled.

The Indian monk said that in his 70 years on Earth, he had never eaten or drunk anything. No one seemed to believe this man’s claims until doctors began doing extensive tests on him.

Doctors decided to investigate accusations that the guy had not eaten in 70 years because they knew the public would not accept the claims unless they were supported by evidence. There was no proof at all. During those two weeks, up to 30 physicians and nurses were continually monitoring his status. He was obliged to fast for two weeks. Throughout the test, a camera with a 25-hour battery life was used to keep a watch on him for the whole 24 hours.

The physicians were surprised that he had gone two weeks without eating or drinking. You’d think he’d been fed frequently based on his looks. Dr. Sudhir Shah persuaded him that such a phenomena defies scientific explanation. Prahlad’s body must have changed as a result of his extended meditation, he claims, because he no longer requires any form of nutrition.

Prahlad had an experience with three Hindu deities when he was seven years old, and as a result, he developed a special skill. When the three goddesses known as Ma Kalis (Ma Kalis) pushed their fingers into his lips, it was the last time anything entered his mouth before he died.

Science provides no explanation for Prahlad’s condition, and Dr. Sudhir’s conclusion was an unsubstantiated hypothesis. This is the most shocking aspect. According to the professionals who assessed him, this intriguing guy was in better mental and physical condition than others half his age. Locals referred to Prahlad as Chunriwala Mataji because he would constantly dress as a lady and worship to the goddess Amba while doing so.

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