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Meet 123 year old Virgin Based In Rwanda


At 123 Years Theresie Is Still A Virgin Looking For Mr.Right

A remarkable revelation has emerged from Rwanda, where an elderly woman, Theresie Nyirakajumba, has surprised many by confessing that she remains a virgin at the age of 123. In an interview with Afrimax, Theresie expressed that she has never witnessed the nudity of a man and adamantly asserts that she has never experienced intimate contact with one.

Theresie firmly believes that she is still a virgin and holds onto the hope of finding her ideal partner before her life comes to an end. Recounting her life story, she explains that she grew up in a household where conversing with boys was considered taboo.

She diligently followed the cultural teachings and, as she reached a marriageable age, her family actively searched for potential suitors on her behalf.


However, Theresie claims that she never developed any affection for any man and instead preferred a life of solitude. She attributes her deep aversion towards men, which originates from her upbringing, as the primary reason for her lack of interaction with them. Additionally, she mentions that her advanced age made it challenging for her to attract potential partners when she eventually felt ready to seek love.

Theresie reveals that people frequently inquire about her experiences with love and relationships, curious about how she managed to reach such an age without a boyfriend or lover. She clarifies that her story is unique and acknowledges that thoughts of love crossed her mind during her younger years, but she never took the step to enter into marriage.

Despite her circumstances, Theresie asserts that she remains open to love and has not given up on the possibility of finding her ideal partner, Mr. Right.

Theresie also expresses her willingness to explore options if a man were to come into her life, stating, “If a man shows up, I’ll be willing to entertain the possibilities.”

She maintains her determination to keep searching until she encounters a respectable man who genuinely desires to spend time with her.

Presently, Theresie lives alone and is unemployed. She shares her concerns about the deteriorating condition of her old house, fearing that it may collapse soon. The burden of loneliness sometimes leads her to go days without eating, causing her to struggle for survival.

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