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Meaning of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, H+, H and E seen on phones screens



It is an abbreviation for third generation network. This sign on your phone indicates that your device is linked to a 3G network. 3G was a watershed moment in mobile communications, enabling greater data rates than its predecessor, 2G. You could use 3G to surf the web, send and receive emails, and even conduct video conversations, albeit there were certain limits. 3G networks opened the door for mobile data consumption, allowing users to connect to the internet and download material directly to their phones. However, as technology progressed, 3G networks became obsolete, making way for faster and more efficient networks.


The term “4G” refers to the “fourth generation” of mobile networks. When this icon appears on your phone, it implies you’re connected to a 4G network. 4G was a major changer since it provided much better internet rates than 3G. With 4G, you can instantly stream high-definition videos, play online games, and download huge files. It also lowered latency, allowing for more fluid real-time communication and video conferencing. As a result, 4G became the industry standard for mobile connection, providing a dependable and fast internet experience.

H+: Evolving Beyond 4G

“H+” stands for “High-Speed Packet Access Plus,” or “High-Speed Packet Access Plus.” It is a 3G network upgrade that provides better data rates and enhanced network performance. H+ may provide data rates comparable to 4G, making it suited for applications such as video streaming and online gaming. It may not, however, be as stable or as quick as a genuine 4G connection. When you notice the H+ sign, you’re in an area with good 3G but not nearly 4G coverage.


The term “5G” refers to the “fifth generation” of mobile networks. It represents the most recent and sophisticated technology in wireless communication. When you see the 5G emblem on your phone, it means you’re connected to a 5G network. Late last year, Safaricom launched its 5G network in Kenya. The network is still not available in all locations, since it is only available in around 20 of the country’s 47 counties.


“E,” which stands for “Edge.” When this icon appears on your phone, it means you’re connecting to an Edge network, which uses 2G technology. Edge is the slowest of the symbols covered thus far, providing just rudimentary data connection. The “E” symbol may appear in places with poor or obsolete network coverage, when 3G or 4G signals are unavailable. While it is enough for things like as text messaging and basic web surfing, you may encounter sluggish loading times and restricted data possibilities.

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