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Mbosso Biography, Girlfriend, Son, WCB, Car and Age

Mbosso Biography

Enjoy reading the best Mbosso biography that we have written for his fans. Mbosso is a songwriter, singer, guitarist, and actor from Tanzania.

Mbosso Real Name

Mbwana Yusuf Kirugi

Mbosso Nicknames

Mbosso Khan

Mbosso Family Background

Mbosso was born and raised in Kibiti, a small town in Tanzania. His real name is Mbwana Yusuf Kirugi. Mbosso was raised with both his father and mother. His mother Hadija Salom Kikaali was a farmer, and his father Yusufu Mbwana Kirugi was a matatu operator/ passenger vehicle operator. Despite the life hardships that his parents experienced, they never gave up on educating their son Mbosso for they believed that someday after education, Mbosso would be the family’s savior to uplift them from the poverty they were living in.

Mbosso Music History in Kibiti

Mbosso had extreme faith in Music, and so shortly after completing his secondary level of education, he asked his parents not to pay for his further education but instead grant him permission to try his luck in making music and as we all know, not every parent can allow their sons or daughters put education aside and focus on music. Mbosso’s parents at first did not agree on that matter, given the fact that they were both very religious and believed in education as the key to Mbosso’s success in life.

The other reason why they denied Mbosso permission to pursue music is the belief they had that Music or being a musician was and is not a job or occupation. Mbosso was the only child in their family who they believed would make it in life through education and so granting Mbosso permission to pursue music was a risk they never wanted to take.

Mbosso faced another big challenge in convincing his parents to let him travel to Dar e Salaam to start his musical life for he believed that making music in his home village Kibiti would yield no fruits. It was not that easy for his parents to allow him to travel to Dar e Salaam for they clearly knew that their son had never been to Dar e Salaam and life would be cruel to their son. They later reluctantly agreed to let Mbosso travel to Dar e Salaam. Before leaving for Dar e Salaam, his father gave him shoes and a bag with lots of blessings and prayers coming from his mother.

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Mbosso’s Music History in Dar e Salaam

When Mbosso arrived in Dar e Salaam from Kibiti, he fully realized that things were not how he thought they would be. Mbosso ended up going through a very difficult life in Dar e Salaam, a life he never imagined existed. Mbosso had no relatives or friends in Dar e Salaam and worst of all, he had lost communication with his parents, and so he ate and slept only through God’s mercy. Mbosso was alone in the big city of Dar e Salaam, no one to talk to, he only carried his guitar.

Mbosso suffered in the streets of Dar e Salaam until his lucky day when he met Mkubwa Fella, a popular musicians manager who later on signed him under record label Mkubwa na Wanawe. Mkubwa Fella had already signed other three young boys, and together with Mbosso, they formed a music group named Yamoto Band.

Mbosso Music History in Yamoto Band

Yamoto band members were Aslay, Enock Bella, Mbosso by then known as Maromboso and Beka flavor. Yamoto band became a popular band not just in Tanzania alone but also the whole of East Africa region. All the songs Yamoto Band released became Hit songs and people all over East Africa loved them a lot not forgetting President John Pombe Magufuli who included Yamoto Band in his campaign crew where they entertained Magufuli’s supporters. These are some of Yamoto Band’s songs that were Hit Songs:

  1. Nitakupwelepweta
  2. Nitajuta
  3. Mama ft Khadija Kopa
  4. Nisambazie Raha
  5. Niseme ft Kingwendu
  6. Su ft Ruby
  7. Cheza kimadoido

But as Mbosso describes that wherever there is a success, the devil looks for a way to destroy everything and so the devil found a way into Yamoto Band, and things began to fall apart. Misunderstandings and fights arose in Yamoto Band for every other member of Yamoto Band, Mbosso excluded believed that he could do better as a Solo artist and so Yamoto Band was no more.

Mbosso Life after Yamoto Band

Yamoto Band breaking apart was one of Mbosso’s most dangerous nightmare. Mbosso tried to convince other band members not to give in to the devil’s temptation of exiting the band, but no one listened to him, and so after the Group separating, Mbosso decided to go back to his home village Kibiti to practice farming. Due to the unavailability of modern farming types of equipment, he ended up earning too little money from farming, and so he turned to do illegal businesses to make ends meet.

While in Kibiti, he received calls from musicians advising him to go back to the city and revive his music career, but he chose to stay in Kibiti until one day a musician from WCB  Rayvanny visited him in the village. Rayvanny advised Mbosso not to give up in life that early and easily. Rayvanny wanted to take Mbosso back to the city to attend Romy Jon’s wedding party. Rayvanny believed that taking Mbosso back to the city maybe would help in changing Mbosso’s mind.

Mbosso thought of the advises he got from fellow musicians, and at last he decided to give music a second chance, but he was very afraid and asked himself whether the other members of Yamoto Band would reconcile again and if Mkubwa Fella would once again sign him under his record label. Rayvanny assured Mbosso that Mkubwa Fella was ready to sign him under new record label WCB (WASAFI CLASSIC BABY).

Mbosso Music Life in WCB

Mbosso had to travel again from Kibiti to Mbagala after being signed by WCB, and it is believed that every record label has its own procedures of operating and so Mbosso was asked by WCB to write songs for a full album before being introduced officially to the outside world. For five to six months, Mbosso had no hope of being introduced as a member of WCB and the amount of money he was given for upkeep was not enough to cater to all his needs. He found himself engaging in illegal businesses, Theft, Pickpocketing to get money for his upkeep and at that time, his frequency of going to WCB studio really reduced.

At that time when Mbosso was about to complete writing songs for his album, he met a beautiful lady who later on loved him unconditionally. The lady decided to take Mbosso to meet her parents. The incident made Mbosso write his song titled ‘watakubali,’ and this is the song that was released first. Let us say this is his first song as a solo artist. Mbosso currently enjoys life at WCB and refers to WCB family as the best music family a musician should have.

Mbosso Girlfriend and child

Mbosso has a girlfriend, and her first name is Rukia, and she is a very beautiful lady. Mbosso wrote the song ‘watakubali’ because of her. She loves Mbosso unconditionally. She loved Mbosso in those times of hardship. Together they have a son named IQRAM KHAN

Mbosso Biography Mbosso son

Mbosso Luxurious car

As a result of hard work at WCB. Diamond platnumz, together with WCB management decided to gift Mbosso a luxurious car. A Black Toyota Harrier to help him easily travel to different cities and towns in Tanzania for live performance and concerts.

Mbosso car Mbosso car

Mbosso Songs

  1. Shilingi ft Reekado Banks
  2. Tamu
  3. Maajab
  4. Watakubali
  5. Nimekuzoea
  6. Alele
  7. Picha Yake
  8. Futa ft Bahati
  9. Nadekezwa
  10. Nipepee
  11. Hodari
  12. Jibebe ft Diamond Platnumz, Lava Lava
  13. Pieces ft Chikune
  14. Mastory ft Gabu

Mbosso Contacts

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