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Matching Tattoos: Georginah Njenga Shows Commitment To New Lover


Popular Instagrammer Georgina Njenga has shown her commitment to her new lover by getting matching tattoos. On July 13th Georgina revealed on her Instagram stories that she had split ways with her baby daddy Tyler Mbaya .

When an Instagram user asked her whether she was still together with the former Machachari actor she said,
“We broke up. I am in a new relationship with a new man. This is a different type of love. I never knew such love existed before, to be honest. I am in a good place.”

To solidify her relationship with her newly found lover, the mother of one got a matching tattoo with her lover and shared the photo on her Instagram page. She also shared a video of the progress of the ink job. The man in the video is light-skinned.

When asked to give further details of the new man, she declined revealing details of the man. On her Instagram page she said that the man makes her very happy. She posted,
“I can’t say much but he makes me happy. We already had our first matching tattoo btw,”
The details we know about her new man is that his name starts with letter A. Their initials are “A” and “G”.

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