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Master Jay Differentiates Kenya and Tanzania Songs


The veteran producer of Bongo Fleva, Master Jay has once again weighed the new generation music industry between Kenya and Tanzania.

The producer who is currently engaged in identifying talents through the Bongo Star Search movement in Tanzania said that there is a big difference between singers and entertainers – and they are both in the music industry as musicians.

Jay made it clear that the biggest difference between Kenya and Tanzania musically is that good singers come from Kenya but good entertainers come from Tanzania.

He also realized that Kenya has surpassed Tanzania in the use of the English language, which gives Kenyan artists a better chance to break out internationally faster than their Tanzanian counterparts.

“Something I’m proud of is that the best entertainers in East Africa are from Tanzania, Kenyans have one thing in common, they know English and they sing better than us, they have very good singers,” Master Jay said.

The producer also criticized the Bongo artists by saying that another thing that prevents them from breaking through in the international market is imitating the rhythms of West and South Africa instead of recognizing themselves with their unique rhythm from East Africa.

He gave the example of Nigerian artists who are big internationally and said that they have succeeded in climbing those levels because they had their own unique rhythm that they identified with and loved by fans from all corners of the world.

“If we want to go International, you must have your Identity, you can’t see Davido, Asake or a South African artist making the sound of BongoFleva.

Here in East Africa, our artists (Tanzania) are the best and they are making money, but they will not reach the international market,” Master Jay said.

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