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Massage Parlors – Best Massage Parlors and Spas in Nairobi

Massage Parlors

This is a rundown of the top 7 best massage parlors and spas in Nairobi. Massage treatment is a powerful method to treat torment, muscle pressure and decrease pressure. There are numerous spots that offer massage and spa benefits yet the ones recorded underneath have stood the trial of time. On account of their amicable masseuses who are exceptionally gifted and proficient. In addition, they are generally spotless and agreeable.

Massage Parlors – Best Massage Parlors and Spas in Nairobi

Right away, here are the main 7 best massage parlors and spas that you should visit while in Nairobi, Kenya.

1. Aromatics Spa

Aromatics Spa is located at 101 Manyani East Rd off James Gichuru Rd in Lavington and it’s one of the top spas in Nairobi where tranquillity prevails. The services offered at Aromatics spa are massages, facials, foot, and hand care, wraps, sliming, scrubs, toning and firming.

Reach them through:

  1. www.aromaticsspa. com
  2. Telephone contacts are +254 722 425 905, +254 734 892 474, +254 729 640 006
  3. Email address: info@aromaticsspa.com

2. Entim Sidai

Entim Sidai is located at Rura Drive Off Tree Lane Karen. The nature surrounding Entim Sidai is abundant and breathtaking. Huge mature trees, birds chirping and a clear uninterrupted view of Ngong Hills make the place serene and ambient to everyone who visits. Their world-class services include outdoor massage therapies, body scrub, pedicure, manicure, facials and so much more.

Contact them through:

  1. Tel no. 0774266143
  2. www.entimsidai.com

3. Angsana Spa Sankara

On the top floor of The Sankara Nairobi Hotel in the heart of Westlands at Woodvale Groove is where Angsana Spa is located. The spa incorporates western and eastern techniques to offer world-class treatment leaving a customer refreshed and awakened. Their services include massage therapies and wellness treatment.

Get to hear from them through:

  1. Phone: +254 703 028000
  2. https://www.angsanaspa.com/angsana

4. Serenity Spa

Serenity Spa has two branches in Nairobi. One in Kitisuru and the other one situated at the United Nations Crescent in Gigiri. As its name suggests, it is a holistic haven that provides serenity and peace to relax and rejuvenate your mind and soul. Professional services offered include a wide array of massage therapies, facials, scrubs, body wraps, manicure, pedicure just to mention a few.

You can reach them through:

  1. Telephone Number: 0708 202020
  2. Email Address: info@serenityspa.co.ke

5. Devarana Spa 

This is one of the best luxury spas in Nairobi. Devarana is located at dusitD2 Hotel – one of the few 5-star hotels in the country. The spa’s interior incorporates contemporary Thai décor reflecting its ‘garden in heaven’ concept. Guests can inhale the welcoming fresh air from the scents of refreshing basil, tea tree, and orange blossom. The luxurious treatment room is inclusive of the private changing area, built-in steam shower, toilet facility, and optional bathtub. Their services include massage, facial, body treatment, water treatment, and wellness. It opens from 10.00 hrs to  21.00 hrs daily.


  1. dusitD2 Nairobi
  2. 14 Riverside, off Riverside Drive,
  3. Tel: +254 204 233 000 ext. 444, 445
  4. Direct Line: +254 204 233 444 – 5
  5. Email: nairobi@devaranaspa.com

6. Kaya Spa

A 10,000 square foot Kaya spa, the biggest spa in Kenya is nested at The Tribe Hotel. Being named as the best spa in Kenya 2016 in the World Spa Awards, Kaya Spa prides itself with a wide collection of high end and exclusive services which include massage therapies, steam pool, scrubs, manicure, pedicure, facials, face mapping, body polish and many more. Their services are packaged so customers can choose their preferred package.

Get in touch with them though:

  1. Tel: +254 20 720 0656
  2. Website: www.tribe-hotel.com

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7. Kempinski The Spa

Located at Villa Rosa Kempinski, Kempinski The Spa provides a wide array of exclusive spa services which include massages, sauna, jacuzzi pool, facial, foot and hand care as well as a fitness center. The services are packaged differently so customers choose according to their preferences.

You can reach them through:

  1. Telephone – +254 (20) 360 3126; Fax – +254 (20) 360 3151
  2. spa.villarosa@kempinski. com