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Masauti Biography, Age, Real Name, Songs, Career, Contacts

Masauti Biography

Masauti Biography. Masauti aka Kenyan Boy born in Mombasa is a Swahili songwriter and musician in Kenya, who captures the attention of whoever is listening to him and make him a fan of him instantly.

Masauti Real Name

Mohammed Ali Said, alias Masauti

Masauti Age

Masauti is a 25-year-old singer-songwriter on SwaRnB records, East Africa.

Masauti Music Career

Mswazzi Masauti has been writing music since the age of 13 while living in the ghettos of Mombasa (a coastal city in Kenya). He, unfortunately, dropped out of school due to financial constraints and had been working odd jobs as a bricklayer and dishwasher earning 40 cents (Euro) a day to feed himself and his brothers and sisters.

He started to take a liking for music while escorting his friends to record music in their local studio. After a few recordings in Mombasa, he ventured out to the capital city of Kenya (Nairobi) where he did a few tapes before meeting up with Tedd Josiah a music producer known for introducing new artists into the Kenyan market since 1996.

Many people are just coming to know of Kenyan singer Mohammed Ali Said, alias Masauti, but the truth is that he has been around for some time now. The Mombasa born and bred singer has been making music for the since 2014 or thereabout. Put simply, and it took him five years (or more) before he became a household name. Despite being a super-talented singer, Masauti, who’s also known as Kenyan Boy, really struggled before Kenyans finally recognized him.

When he made his official debut in the local entertainment industry, he referred to himself as Mswazzi Masauti and was singed to SwaRnB Records which is owned by legendary producer Tedd Josiah. His first song under the stable dubbed Mahabuba didn’t do well. Very few people know it. Actually, I first heard it today as I was writing this article. Listening to the song, anyone can tell why it didn’t do well. Although it’s a stunning composition, it lacks the ‘party vibe’ that most Kenyans are used to. This song can make you sleep in a club!

It seems Masauti discovered this as he quickly re-invented himself (of course with the help of others). If you compare the Mahabuba with his latest single dubbed Ipepete, you’ll notice the sharp contrast. Not only did he change his music approach, but he also worked on his image. He moved from being a singer with a hideous hairstyle to a semi-tough musician. For the umpteenth time, image is everything! He also met comedian Jalang’o who has really pushed his music career and introduced him to big industry wigs such as Khaligraph Jones who featured on the remix of his single dubbed Kiboko.

Today, Masauti is one of the most sought after musicians in Kenya, but the truth is that it did not come easy. It took him a whole five years and a lot of metamorphoses. He is living proof that patience pays!

Masauti Photo

Masauti funs

One person that fell in Love with Masauti and even predicted that 2019 was his year of greatness is Milele FM’s Jalango Kenyan Artist has clarified on his relationship with Jalango after the frivolous claims that the Radio Presenter was pushing his songs for a suspicious reason. From the claims I gathered online, a Kenyan claimed that Jalango had signed him. Something that puzzles me since it comes off as pure propaganda.

He is an artist whose music has become popular over time and is very talented in what he does. Recently, Masauti has been going for a ‘Media Tour,’ and his interviews are allover; from the media to TV.
The Singer says that it is such a relief and honor to have his music appreciated after years of struggle. A section of Kenyans had misunderstood Jalango’s intention to show his support to the artists as they claimed that it was on personal grounds.

During an interview on Chipukeezy show, he reacted to these claims saying that he only got to meet Jalango during his interview at Milele FM. The Singer also means that the radio presenter has simply chosen to use his influence to support his music because he believes that he is talented. He also added that they are not related in any way as some people were suspecting.

With the Play Kenyan Music talk going on, Kenyans have become sensitive in regard to the relationship between the media and artists. Some had highlighted challenges saying that at times airplay is offered on bias grounds. The Singer rubbished the comments and said that is his talent that sales him as an artist.


Masauti not single

Sorry ladies, Masauti is taken

The ‘Gaga’ hitmaker Kenyan musician, He is not only. While celebrating International women’s day, he shared a photo of his queen wishing her happiness in her heart. He wrote; ” Happy women’s day queen. On this beautiful Jummah, I ask Allah to grant you nothing but pure joy in your heart and life god health always and to keep you under his protection at all time. Inshallah.”

He had also shared a photo of the lady while announcing his collabo with the Kenyan rapper, Khaligraph. The expected song is a ‘Kiboko’ remix by Masauti and Khaligraph Jones. Award-winning Kenyan Rapper Khaligraph Jones had teased an upcoming collabo with Kenyan Boy Masauti.

In an Instagram video, the ‘Yego’ rapper posted himself singing his verse for the upcoming ‘Kiboko’ remix. He also praised the song for being international and shouted out the “Nurulain” singer Masauti.

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Masauti News

Rude presenter almost made me quit music, says Masauti

The heated debate between the presenters and artists has taken a new twist after artists blamed presenters for killing their careers. Coastal based singer and songwriter Masauti claim he almost quit his music career because of a radio presenter. During an interview with a local station, he revealed that lack of support almost ended his career. “When I started the music, there reached a time I really wanted to quit because I felt I was making good music, but there was no support I was receiving,” he said. As a Coast-based artiste, he also happened to have a wrong perception of radio presenters.

“In 2014, a popular radio presenter in Mombasa also almost made me quit. He called me to perform in his show with a new number but expected me to know it was him. As I tried to inquire who was calling me, the producer abused me with even my mother,” he said. Because Masauti felt he still needed the presenter, he went back and apologized to the presenter, although he knew he was wrong. “I wanted to quit completely. I even posted on social media that I was quitting music, but luckily, some presenters called to inquire why, and I told them, and they started playing my music on the radio,” he said. He has been in the industry for ten years now. He was introduced to music by his friends before they all stopped singing. He is currently promoting his new song ‘Ipepete

Masauti Songs

Dondosha ft Lava Lava
Lola ft Nadia Mukami
Kiboko remix ft kHALIGRAPH JONES
Leo ni Leo
Lucy ft Otile Brown and Arrowboy
Usikate Tamaa

Masauti Contacts

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