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“Mapema Ndio Best” Kalonzo Declares as he Reveals his First Agenda Once he Becomes President


Wiper Party leader and one of the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance principals Kalonzo Musyoka has now made it official that come 2027, he will be the man to watch as he is not going to stop at anything less than the country’s top office; presidency.

While using the famous phrase Mapema ndio Best as his slogan, the former vice president said that he is keen on repealing the Housing Levy that will be his first Executive Order once he is sworn in as Kenya’s sixth president.

“As President, my first Executive Order will be to repeal the Housing Levy, which is a Slush Fund.

#MapemaNdioBest” Posted Kalonzo.

This could be a silent signal that the Azimio camp has fronted him as the best and fit man to replace Raila Odinga as the coalition’s flag bearer in the coming elections, should the coalition remains intact till then. However, nothing has come out as official communication from the coalition endorsing senior counsel Kalonzo for the position apart from a public utterance that was made by Odinga sometimes back in 2023 which were interpreted to mean he supports Musyoka for the presidency.

Mr. Odinga is seen as likely to hang his boots on vying for presidency and instead endorse someone else whom he will use to oust Ruto but Odinga himself has not said anything about the same as his party is currently fixated on strengthening their membership across the country.

If Kalonzo is fielded by the opposition then he is likely to be a game changer as his support base will be quite big especially in case he settles for a strong running mate.


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