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Manchester City Council (phone and email)

Manchester City Council

Find below the customer service details of Manchester City Council. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the district council.

Head Office
Manchester City Council
PO Box 532, Town Hall
Manchester, M60 2LA

Customer Service
Phone: 0161 234 5003 (benefits)
Phone: 0161 234 1103 (business rates)
Phone: 0161 234 5002 (council tax)
Phone: 0161 234 5004 (neighbourhood services)
Phone: 0161 234 4111 (parking and bus lane)
Phone: 0161 234 4928 (pest control)
Phone: 0161 245 7850 (private sector housing)
Phone: 0161 245 7166 (school admissions)
Phone: 0161 234 5001 (social care)
Phone: 0161 234 5001 (homelessness)
Phone: 0161 223 7222 (civil emergency)
Phone: (800) 433 4149 (education department)
Phone: 0161 234 5000 (other queries)
Email: benefit.enquiries@manchester.gov.uk (benefits)
Email: ctax.enquiries@manchester.gov.uk (council tax)
Email: esu@manchester.gov.uk (elections)
Email: contact@manchester.gov.uk (general)

About Manchester City Council
Manchester City Council is a democratic organization comprising elected councilors, who are responsible for policies meant for provision of services and allocation of Council’s money. This local government authority is dedicated to the service of Manchester city and metropolitan borough in Greater Manchester, England. The council has 96 councilors, 32 each for three electoral wards of Manchester. The local body employs officers who take care of day-to-day management. The councilors decide on the policies that they find worthy for Council’s consideration. The councilors further ensure the policies are carried out the efficient way. The local councilor in the office represents the views and opinions of the individuals, and it is the local councilor who has to assess the difficulties and challenges faced by the council. Manchester City Council’s councilors decide about the way important functions are carried out. Local councilors are elected by the community. These councilors represent the public interest of the ward they have been chosen to serve. The council maintains regular contact via council meetings and telephone calls.

The council has three primary directorates. The Children and Families directorate prioritizes education and skill development. The directorate helps people become more independent and also safeguards vulnerable adults and children. The second directorate is Growth and Neighbourhoods. The directorate focuses on the sustainable growth of the city while retaining competitiveness. The directorate covers infrastructure, business, and skill base, and also connects local communities with employment opportunities. The Corporate Core directorate provides the governance, leadership, and supports the initiatives to make Manchester a world-class city.

The Manchester City Council’s website provides much insight into the working of the council. The website can be used to pay the council tax, see job vacancies, get job-seeking advice, and a number of other elemental services. All the council’s functional segments like libraries, environmental problems, schools, childcare, parking, planning, and regeneration, roads, transport, taxis, licenses, permission, homes, property, social services, markets, business and investment, crime, anti-social behavior, have a dedicated section on the website. Residents can choose the segment they are interested in and act accordingly. To make better use of the website, residents can proceed by setting up an account. You will have to provide credentials like name, postcode, email address, home phone number, and mobile phone number to get the account working. Your account will help you keep a track of requests and payments made on the website. If you have an issue that is not resolved, you can dial the dedicated helpline number provided by Manchester City Council.

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