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Man Nyari Biography, Real name, Career, Songs, Albums

Man Nyari

Man Nyari is a famous Kikuyu gospel musician, comedian, Tv and radio presenter at Kameme. I can simply refer to him as a multi-talented type of person. This post talks of Man Nyari’s life story simply put as Man Nyari Biography.

Man Nyari Real name

John Njuguna Gicheha

Man Nyari Life Story

In Kikuyu radio stations’ playlists ‘hurutira mwaki wa roho’ and ‘moko makwa’ rank among the most requested Kikuyu gospel songs. Yet the towering man behind these powerful, encouraging groovy songs, John Njuguna Gicheha admits musically, and he hasn’t yet scratched the surface in spite of having recorded eight albums to date.

Early Musical Starts
From a young age, growing up in Gatukuyu, Gatundu North, Thika County Gicheha desired to sing, and the music was inherent in him. “I’d listen to a song on the radio and sing it again,” he said then, Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) had the only radio station. He carried on his musical pursuits to high school, where he learned to play the guitar. After high school, he joined Kenya Polytechnic to study Graphic Arts and Print Management course which he admits parents selected it for him.
While in college in 1998, Gicheha desired to record music, and the opportunity came through a former classmate who introduced him to a producer he worked for. After he sang, the producer sensed his talent and signed him without charges. The arrangement was after the album was released, they would share the proceeds. Looking back, Gicheha admits the contract exploited him financially. Nevertheless, he released his first album called “Ngoma aroiga mehia metwo maendeleo.”
The debut album gave him a name in the Kikuyu music scene but little money to show for it. “I was naive to the workings of music production,” Gicheha said. In KBC’s Kikuyu Program segments, its songs were played, and he got invited to sing on KBC TV’s Joy Bringers Program. The experience he had with the producer made him opt to produce his next album in 2002. In the nearly four years away from a recording, he joined a gospel band that matured his voice and musical abilities.
Music Inspirations

As a born again Christian, his music ideas are inspired by GOD’s power, preaching, and His Biblical Word. He is also careful what he listens to. “If you listen to garbage, your output will be it,” said Gicheha. He is also careful what he listens to. “If you listen to garbage, your output will be it,” said Gicheha. He also believes a musician ought to live and believe what he sings. He cites the song ‘Hurutira mwaki wa roho’ (fan your spiritual flame) whose inspiration came after observing how, when cooking ‘Githeri’ (maize and beans), one fan the fire until it’s cooked. The album’s message resonated with many listeners and has sold almost 20,000 copies to date.

He composed it from a spiritual perspective. “Whatever vision you have in life, you got to fan it until it comes to pass,” observes Gicheha. He uses his guitar to compose melodies, but some come randomly to his mind. “I could be walking, and a melody comes,” he said. In such instances, he records it with his phone. He also listens to diverse African music genres from regions like Congo, West Africa, South Africa, and Western Music. Still, he considers African music as very rich.
Gicheha’s musical influences have been Joseph Kamaru, Wahome wa Maingi, Gregory Isaacs, Lucky Dube, and others. From these tastes, it inspires tunes in line with his musical vision. Over a time period, he crafts the tune, chorus, and stanzas by meditating, singing but not writing them down. When satisfied, he records. “I prefer a random process of composing its fresh,” said Gicheha.
Take on Music Piracy
In his years in Kikuyu Gospel Music, money has never been the motivator considering piracy is endemic today. He cautions budding gospel musicians not to venture the industry with a business mindset, or they risk disappointment. “It’s a ministry, and sometimes your investment may not correspond with your output, and you can give up,” said Gicheha. He says relying on GOD’s faithfulness is the key to longevity in gospel music, knowing in due time you will be compensated by Him.
Consequently, piracy doesn’t keep him awake at night. If anything, he sees it as a blessing in disguise as his music reaches more grassroots folks. To Gicheha, music pirates are thieves God will punish but prays for grace to continue in gospel music, regardless. “They can’t stop me from attaining my vision, which I’m drawing near to,” he said. His vision is to sing his Kikuyu gospel music internationally and believes music regardless of dialect is a universal language. “I will spread the gospel through my music to encourage many diverse races of people,” he said.

What you need to know about Kameme FM’s multi-talented presenter Man Nyari

Njuguna Gicheha alias Man Nyari can simply be described as a multi-talented entertainer who has embraced several areas of Kikuyu entertainment, managing to leave an indelible mark in each.

Below we focus on Gicheha’s multifaceted roles in some of these Gikuyu entertainment scenes and why he is a towering figure in each and every one of them. Man Nyari is a popular figure in Kikuyu gospel music, comedy, and radio, just to mention but a few.

1. Kikuyu Gospel Music

In this area, the born again entertainer is popularly known as Njuguna Gicheha, where he has over eight albums to his name.

Gicheha, who claims his roots from Gatukuyu, Gatundu North in Kiambu County, first ventured into Kikuyu gospel music in 1998.

The ‘Hurutira mwaki wa roho’ (fan your spiritual flame) song is among his most outstanding artistic works.

Gicheha, a self-taught guitarist with remarkable prowess, was influenced into music by local and international artists who include the late Joseph Kamaru, Wahome Wa Maingi, and Reggae music heavyweights Gregory Isaacs and Lucky Dube among others.

2. Comedy

In Gikuyu comedy, he became a household name when he played a lead role in a once top-rated Kameme FM radio play christened ‘Micii ni Ndogo.’

The name ‘Man Nyari’ that he uses up to date can be traced back to this 2013 radio play and others that followed thereafter. Nyari, a talented thespian by all descriptions, has also featured severally on Citizen TV’s ‘Machachari’ and KBC’s defunct local soap opera ‘Rosa.’

3. Radio

Man Nyari’s comical wits during the ‘Micii ni Ndogo’ radio play, which gave him unrivaled popularity, may have convinced the Kameme FM management that the entertainer was a valuable asset that the station could not afford losing.

As a result, Nyari would be paired with Njogu Wa Njoroge (now at Gukena FM) to co-host the popular Kameme FM breakfast show (Arahuka) playing the role of a comedian. After Njogu’s departure, he would be shuffled to the nightly show (Thingira Wa Kameme), where he continues to do well, especially with his guitar.

Man Nyari also hosts the popular Kameme FM Saturday breakfast show (Njanjo Ya Muturire) that basically seeks to reunite lost family members with their relatives. The show’s high ratings saw it begin to be simulcast on Kameme TV recently.

Man Nyari
Man Nyari

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Man Nyari Fired from Kameme FM

Popular radio presenter Njuguna Gicheha popularly known as Man Nyari, has finally broken his silence days after he was fired from Kameme FM.

Man Nyari, who was hosting the popular show ‘Njanjo Ya Muturire,’ was among 160 employees who were sacked on Wednesday by Mediamax Network Limited.

On Saturday morning, Wamucii Wa Kinyari, who hosts ‘Rwiga rwa Kiroho,’ was introduced as the new host of ‘Njanjo Ya Muturire’ show, which simulcasts on Kameme FM and its sister station Kameme TV.

In a video on his YouTube channel, Man Nyari said his sacking was not because of any wrongdoing but was a victim of Wednesday’s retrenchment exercise by the company.

He thanked his fans for giving him overwhelming support for the years he worked at the station, noting he would be glad to return if the company decides to give him another chance.

“The contract I signed with God to serve humanity has not come to an end. I will be happy if Kameme renews my contract, or God sends me to another platform to continue doing what I was doing,” he said.

Man Nyari first joined Kameme as an actor in a radio play known as ‘Micii Ni Ndogo, ‘ which attracted a vast audience.

Due to his popularity, he was employed as a comedian and paired with Njogu Wa Njoroge to co-host the breakfast show ‘Arahuka.’

When Njogu left, Man Nyari teamed up with Gatonye Wa Mbugua in the morning program, which is very popular among Kikuyu listeners.

Before his sacking, he was co-hosting night show ‘Mawatchmen’ alongside Kamau Wa Kamlesh.

However, Man Nyari, who is also a renowned gospel musician, seemed to be more inclined towards Njanjo Ya Muturire show, and he says he was ‘disappointed’ he will be no longer hosting it.

The popular program seeks to reunite lost family members with their relatives, and before he left, Man Nyari had joined more than 200 families with their long lost loved ones.

“I know you’re greatly disappointed about what happened. You expected, as usual, to hear me on Kameme FM and Kameme TV, which didn’t happen. I also feel disappointed, but one thing I know, there is God in heaven who always vindicate his people.”

“I know I have fought a good fight, and the work I have done for the voiceless will always testify for me before God.

“I know God has placed an open door before me. Keep praying for my heart. The blessing the lord was upon Jacob and not in the uncle’s flock. So wherever I shall go am blessed,” the presenter wrote on his Facebook page.

Kameme TV Presenter Man Nyari Rehired After Public Demand

MediaMax Limited has yielded to public pressure and has rehired its popular radio and TV presenter,  Njuguna Gicheha, popularly known as Man Nyari.

Man Nyari, who hosts a show called Njanjo Ya Muturire (dose of life) on Saturday both on Kameme FM and Kameme TV, was among the employees who were let go last month after being declared redundant.

The show highlights the plights of disadvantaged members of the society and reunites families who have broken up due to domestic violence.

Since his sacking, Kameme FM and Kameme TV drew backlash from its listeners with Man Nyari’s fans demanding his return threatening never to listen to the vernacular stations if their demands were not met.

The highlight of the backlash came on Saturday last week when a different presenter hosted the segment, leaving fans furious.


“We want Man Nyari back, the presenter who has succeeded him has no clue on how to drive the show, and we need him back, or else we move to other stations,” John Kamau wrote on his Facebook page.

And on Wednesday, Man Nyari broke the news to his social media fans that he was back with at the station. While acknowledging that there were still “some issues,” the comedian and a gospel artist said he was ready to continue working.

“I’m back with a bang, make a date with us at Kameme FM and Kameme FM on Saturdays I have seen the hand of God in this, it is the public demand that has seen me being reinstated,” he wrote on his Facebook fan page.

He urged his supporters to pray for him and the company. “It was God who had planned for the confusion so that people who did not know the existence of Njanjo show will now know about it and start watching it, continue praying for the company because such issues are normal,” he said. He also apologized for the show aired on Saturday.

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