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Man Abandons Woman On Her 30th Birthday


South African Woman Abandoned By Her Partner On Her Birthday

A woman from South Africa took to social media to express her disappointment and feeling of being abandoned by her partner on her birthday. Lintle Mokitimi shared in her post that she had organized and paid for everything for a birthday trip, only to be ghosted by her partner.
The hurtful experience led Lintle to lose faith in men, a sentiment that resonated with many of her followers. Lintle, still unable to get over being ghosted by her partner on her birthday, shared a video on TikTok detailing how she had made all the arrangements for a trip to celebrate her 30th birthday, only to have her partner disappear on the day of the trip. While she did not anticipate this turn of events, some social media users questioned why she was the one paying and inviting the guy.
Many, particularly women, responded to Lintle’s post with words of comfort, while others expressed their belief that men deserved less. In another incident, a woman drove a long distance to surprise her partner, only to be devastated upon discovering that he had been unfaithful.
A TikTok video revealed her heartbreak as she had to drive back home feeling shattered. Numerous women online shared their empathy, relating their own experiences and offering supportive messages.

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