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Mammito Eunice: Niko Na Wapenzi Wengi


Comedienne Eunice Wanjiru alias Mammito has said that women should only praise men who are married to them and not their lovers or boyfriends. According to the comedienne, praising a boyfriend may end in premium tears for women.

During an interview with Clemmo and Mwende on Radio Maisha, she said,
“Wapenzi wanachange haraka, mume ndio sasa mtu anafaa asifie, asifie mtu na haujui. Utasifia tena na utaanza kuandika Insta story nyingi sifia mtu mwenye unajua ni wako, kama uko na pete na karatasi,”

When asked whether about her relationship status, she said that she has several lovers owing to her big heart. She said that she can love several men at the same time.
“Wapenzi nao niko na wengi, mimi kama kuna kitu nilipewa ni roho kubwa. Azn mimi nawezapenda tu mtu, tena nipende mwingine na mwingine,”

When Mwenda and Clemmo sought clarification from the comedienne, she broke into a song during the interview,
“Mapenzi hayana mwenyewe unawezapenda kijana au mzee eeieeh, na si mimi niliimba, mwimbaji Ruby aliimba na akasema aje kwa kitabu cha Ruby 2:3,”
Mammito told those who are interested in loving her were free to approach her at their convenient time. She said,
“Mbona nikazie mtu, mtu ameamua kunipenda mbona mimi niamue ati yeye asinipende, mtu roho yake imeamua…mapenzi yako hivyo,”
The comedienne opened up about her breakup with comedian Butita. During an interview with Mungai Eve, she confirmed that Butita and she had gone on different ways and did not want to discuss it with anyone.

She said,” The reason why I wouldn’t want to revisit what happened between us is because it is in the past and we already talked about it, the two of us, and I think that was enough.Our relationship was public, yes, but we had our private moments. Those private moments we dealt with them in our own way so I wouldn’t want to go public with that,”

Many social media users suspected that Mammito was chasing clout when they declared that they were no longer an item.

Mamito asserted that,”

It was not clout. The two of us decided that the best thing for us was to part ways. For me it is a normal thing because, it was better to part so that each of us can have a peace of mind,”

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