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Maina Kageni Biography, Age, Career, Wife, Facts, Education


Maina Kageni has Classic 105’s morning breakfast show ‘Maina In The Morning’ close by Mwalimu King’ang’ i. He awakens you to an exciting show where amusingness and connections are a piece of the formula. He is a staunch supporter of English Premier League side Manchester United and is likewise an expert golf player.

Maina Kageni, together with his co-have, Mwalimu Kingangi (Daniel Ndambuki) are the most tuned-in radio has in the nation.

Most women love his masculine voice while men hate him exceptionally and on the off chance that you’ve tuned in to his give, you will concur with me that his capacities to connect with the crowd are unfathomable. Maina is one of the radio characters that is generously compensated and has diverse side hustles that add to his riches.

Aside from printing a lot of cash from his radio show at great FM, Maina likewise emcees at chosen occasions where he is paid enormous lumps of cash. He resembles one enormous shopping center where you discover everything. Maina is likewise a representative studying land organization with houses in Miami and the USA. This is only 50% of what he claims not exactly the sumptuous vehicles that he drives. Maina has procured plenty of riches through the various things that he does.

Maina Kageni Age

Maina is over 43 years of age.

Maina Kageni Family

He is the child of Wangui who he says cherishes her unequivocally yet his dad kicked the bucket when he was youthful.

He is a nephew to S.K Macharia the C.E.O of Royal Media Services

He has two posterity a sibling and a sister.

Education Background

  1. Optional school understudy at Laiser Hill Academy
  2. Elementary School Student at Westlands Primary School

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Maina Kageni Marriage and Kids

Maina uncovered just because, pictures of a delightful woman and two children accepted to be his flawless family.

Maina Kageni Salary

Maina Kageni pay is presently Ksh 1.8 million every month which is not as much as what the head of state Uhuru Kenyatta earns(estimated to be 1.2 Million every month)

Maina Kageni

Occupation History

Jan 2007-present: Presenter at Classic 105, Hosting the morning appear close by Mwalimu Kingangi


It is said that effective individuals make and draw in cash, and not excessively individuals who bring in cash become fruitful.

This implies they carry accomplishment to what they do. Maina Kageni of Classic FM is a man who realizes how to bring in cash.

He accepts that when one gets his frame of mind toward cash straight, it will help fix pretty much every other territory in their life.

Mr. Kageni is a man with huge money. He has put resources into land in Kenya and abroad; he has private houses in Nairobi and several apartment suites in the city of Miami, Florida.

He additionally possesses a modeling organization in Lagos with one of the P-Square siblings, among different undertakings.

What’s more, even though he doesn’t give the figure of what he is gaining as a radio host, he concedes that he is getting “An excellent compensation”.

He shared his musings on cash and speculation.

Questioner: Are you a rich man?

Maina Kageni: It relies upon what you mean by ‘rich’. On the off chance that being rich methods going on vacation whenever I need, at that point, I am a rich man. On the off chance that it implies helping other people, at that point I am a rich man and on the off chance that it implies having no cash to purchase a structure worth Sh100 million at Karen then I am poor. A few people say I have a great deal of cash, however, I think I simply win great cash and carry on with a quality life.

Questioner: Are you a high-roller or saver?

Maina Kageni: I spend and I spare. One thing individuals neglect to perceive is the significance of a spending limit. You need to get ready for each coin you spend. With a decent spending arrangement, you can go through well and set aside your cash as well.

Questioner: what number of bank accounts do you have?

Maina Kageni: About eight.

Questioner: Does the Christmas season ever get you off guard?

Maina Kageni: Never. I regard my financial limit and I know where my cash goes. I have what I call a holiday bank account. I put aside some cash every month for it. I never dive into my reserve funds to praise the special seasons. It never happens because I spending plans for these special seasons.

Questioner: Does having cash fulfill you?

Maina Kageni: Yes, having cash fulfills me. The individuals who state cash can’t purchase bliss don’t have the foggiest idea where to shop. Cash is acceptable; indeed, deficient with regards to it is the wellspring of malice on the planet. We should all try sincerely and have a go at earning substantial sums of money.

Questioner: How a lot of cash do you go through in a day?

Maina Kageni: About Sh4,000, which means about Sh120,000 every month. I spending a plan for this as well.

Questioner: How much do you spend on your hairstyle?

Maina Kageni: Sh1,000 consistently.

Questioner: Which is your best venture ever?

Maina Kageni: Real Estate.

Questioner: And which is your most exceedingly awful venture?

Maina Kageni: I despite everything lament why I purchased certain offers. I think has been the most exceedingly awful money related choice I have made in my life up until now.

Questioner: Do you lean toward property or benefits?

Maina Kageni: Both.

Questioner: Do you use charge cards?

Maina Kageni: Never! I incline toward charge cards. Be that as it may, I have one Visa for crisis circumstances. I think shopping on charge cards is better since you utilize just what is in your record.

Questioner: Do you put resources into shares?

Maina Kageni: Yes, I do.

Questioner: How much is your Hummer?

Maina Kageni: I got it at Sh 6 million.

Questioner: Have you at any point been bankrupt?

Maina Kageni: Broke? I have not encountered that. Here and there, in any case, I go over a decent arrangement worth around Sh500,000 and disregard it because of coming up short on that measure of cash at that point.

Questioner: How much is your watch?

Maina Kageni: I got it at 1, 800 US dollars, which means about Sh144,000.

Questioner: How about the game’s T-Shirt you are wearing?

Maina Kageni: When it comes to garments I seldom buy them locally. I lean toward purchasing garments abroad because they are unique and increasingly sharp. I got it at 120 dollars, which is equal to Sh9,600.

Questioner: Do you have any shortcomings with regards to cash?

Maina Kageni: I am excessively liberal, I gave a companion Sh 600,000 to chip away at an extend and improve his monetary position. I offered it to him and I was not expecting it back.

Questioner: Do you offer back to society?

Maina Kageni: Yes I do. I have a financial balance, which is given to my cause work.

Questioner: What exercise has cash instructed you?

Maina Kageni: It is difficult to bring in cash yet extremely simple to spend. On the off chance that you regard to cash, cash will regard you as well. Cash brings satisfaction and bliss since it encourages numerous things in our lives.

Questioner: What money related counsel do you have for youngsters who consider you as a good example?

Maina Kageni: Take time to perceive your chances. Plan your accounts and begin setting aside cash gradually. On the off chance that you have additional money and you love parties, spend yet make sure to live inside your methods.

Maina Kageni Cars

Maina is acclaimed to the point that Chevrolet gave him a Manchester United marked vehicle for him to drive around in for nothing. This isn’t the main vehicle Maina possesses. He has various other costly vehicles.

20 Interesting Things You Did Not Know About Maina Kageni

  1. He never attended college but life offered more opportunities than most people, he is also on the learning process
  2. Cold Fanta orange was his first drink
  3. His dream girl is one full of ambition and life kind of girl
  4. Maina Kageni won a lunch voucher on Capital FM with Zain Verjee 0n his first time in fame and happily went to pick it
  5. His First girlfriend was called Anne, had a nice nose and had to go down.
  6. His best friend is Shaffie Weru.
  7. His best experience is when someone gains something meaningful and life-changing from his show.
  8. His dream car was Range Rover Vogue
  9. He bought his first car which is a Ford Fiesta in the UK for 1100 Pounds
  10. His best team is Manchester United, he is a die-hard fan and has been to Old Trafford and held the Premier League Trophy.
  11. His worst moment was Going to work late one day and thinking of sneaking into the office without the bosses’ knowledge.
  12. He is already living his dream job
  13. He was formerly into the car dealership
  14. His first kiss was that same girlfriend called Anne
  15. His favorite cologne is 212 Cologne For Men.
  16. His best advice – is to “Treat anyone the way you would like them to treat you”.
  17. His favorite local Apparel is Mwanaume ni effort, mwanamke ni standards
  18. His Favourite song-You Guy by P-unit
  19. His best moment at work was Interviewing reggae and dance hall sensation Shaggy.
  20. Advice for encouragement – Do your thing, follow your dreams, work hard, be thankful and be aware that haters are good for you, never mind them talking about you.

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