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Luhya Musician Warns Women Who Tattooed His Name On Their Bodies


Popular musician Steve Kay has warned women who have tattooed his name on their bodies. He called out on them telling them that it might cause breakups in their family. This is not a new thing among fans who always show love for their favourite musicians. A good number of them go to the extent of tattooing their favourite musicians’ names.

The Mbe Omukhasi hitmaker shared the photos of three ladies who have his name tattooed on different parts of their bodies. He said, “Hapa nayo imezidi. Madem mukue na shock absorbers. Very soon, I might be forced into exile to avoid people fighting over me. Imagine my lovely fans having tattoos of my name on their bodies. Aki msivunje ndoa,”

In a recent interview, the Bungoma based musician revealed that he was stunned by the immense love showed by his fans saying that he worked hard enough to resist temptations from his fan base. Omukhasi said,
“I was mesmerised to see a lady having a tattoo of my name on her chest. I was tempted to make a move, but it could mean I would have more than ten wives. I think hapa watu wakuwe shock absorbers tu,”
Recently a popular blogger reported that the Bungoma based singer is a deadbeat father. Omukhasi said that he started a business for his girlfriend Namusonge who ended up cheating on him. The post read,
Nikamfungulia biashara lakini wapi? Namusonge alipachikwa mimba na customer (I opened a business for her but she cheated with a customer and got pregnant),”
One of his fans Joan Namusonge did not take it easy with him as she called out on him claiming that he is a deadbeat father. She said,
“Ni biashara gani ulifungulia sister yangu na ni customer mgani alimpea mimba kama si wewe? Kesho tunakuletea mtoto Samba kwa hiyo show unyonyeshe! (Which business did you open for my sister? Which customer impregnated her, and you were the one? Tomorrow we will bring the child at the club where you perform),”