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Lola Hannigan Biography and Profile Information


Lola Hannigan is a Kenyan Media personality, TV presenter, actress, model, and entrepreneur. Lola Hannigan is a beautiful woman. The lady would no doubt be a top threat to win if a beauty contest was held featuring current female T.V presenters.


The sizzling TV personality who used to host YOLO alongside Thierry Maxime has always left men drooling, thanks to her flawless beauty. Lola, a half-caste born to a Kenyan mother and a German father likes to keep her private life under wraps although she has always been in front of the camera.

She now hosts the “Edge show” on Ebru T.V and in it, she interviews celebs and talks about current social affairs.

Lola Hannigan Boyfriend

It is official! President Uhuru Kenyatta’s nephew Jomo Gecaga and Instagram celebrity Lola Hannigan have come out as a couple. The two made their first social media debut on the president’s niece Nana Gecaga’s Instagram live video.

Lola who used to host a teen show on KTN was all charmy and could not keep her hands off her baby daddy Jomo. The pair was comfortable at home and decided to join Nana in a jamming and dancing session as they listened to mellow, classic music.

The former show host endearingly called her man babe anytime she craved his attention and wrapped her arms around him to mark her territory. They looked like teenage lovers and their spark was still alive despite being together for years. Jomo was happy, satisfied, and knew how blessed he was to be with a gorgeous girl he got to call the love of his life.

He tried to keep it cool but each time Lola called out to him, the president’s nephew blushed like a young boy who had a crush. The two who kept their affair secret for years danced together and sat side by side as Nana played old classics on her end.

Lola Hannigan
Lola Hannigan

Lola Hannigan Business

The all so beautiful Lola Hannigan is a model, former presenter of KTN on the show Yolo, and a well-established designer. The stunning and gorgeous Lola ventured into the fashion industry intending to challenge herself.

I felt complacent and decided to make a mark in the fashion industry,” Lola explained.

She continued, “I decided to do a swimsuit fashion line because it is not every day that you hear there is a fashion line for swimsuits. Most designers specialize in official suits and other clothes in general. I felt designing swimsuits was gonna be new, fresh, and exciting.”


The sexy and curvaceous model traveled to Greece, where she first had the idea to start her swimsuit fashion line. She named her fashion line Zephyros, which is a Greek word meaning “The wind blows towards the west.”

While I have always had a passion for media — Lord knows media is my first love and it always will be — I just felt like it was time to do something new in my life. I had all these ideas and designs in my head and I figured it couldn’t hurt to try,” Lola stated. She is indeed one of the best swimsuit designers in Africa with shops in Dubai and Kenya.

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With all the challenges involved with starting up a business, Lola embraced the risk and dived right in. “You are never really prepared and you never know where to start, so it is best if you just dive in and figure it out once you have already started,” the lovely Lola explained as she talked about the challenges she faced when she was starting the swim-wear line.

When I returned from Greece, I had wanted to open up a shop in Kenya but the fundis always got me the wrong material,” Lola said, frustrated that the fundis often opted for short-cuts and looked at quantity, not quality.

Lola Hannigan

I figured making the swimsuits from Kenya was going to be tricky, so I went to Dubai, where I got the right material I needed to make good quality swimsuits. It is all about the quality, not the quantity,” Lola emphasized. She further elaborated, “When you are a designer, you want to make a product that will please your clients rather than producing them with the sole purpose of making profits. You always have to sit down and think about how you can make your product even better.” The talented model and designer stated that the key to success in designing is always remaining true to yourself and not getting carried away by other people’s designs.

You always have to find a way of being unique and always remember the reason you started it in the first place,” Lola revealed her secret to success. “I was lucky enough to have parents who were also into business and from time to time, they gave me advice on how to make my fashion line even better.” The beautiful model and designer urge others who are starting a business to give themselves a salary rather than make profits and spend all the money made from the business.

It is always wiser to give yourself a salary so that the rest goes back into the business. That way, the business will consistently grow and you will make way more money than you would have if you kept spending all the profits made,” the successful designer shared as she concluded the interview.

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