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Logbook transfer charges in Kenya 2024


If you want to transfer your logbook in Kenya this year 2024, you will pay some fee. Below are transfer charges for various types of vehicles:

  • A vehicle that’s 1000cc and below Ksh 2,210
  • A vehicle between 1001-1200cc Ksh 2,440
  • A vehicle between 1501-1700cc Ksh 2,960
  • A vehicle between 1701-2000cc Ksh 3,245
  • A vehicle between 2001-2500cc Ksh 4,395
  • A vehicle between 2501-3000cc Ksh 5,505
  • A vehicle that’s 3001cc and above Ksh 6,465
  • A trailer less than four wheels Ksh 1,580
  • A trailer with four wheels and more Ksh 2,240
  • A Tractor 1,580

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