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List of top ten best tribes to marry in Kenya


The choice of a marriage partner is always a difficult thing to make. There are several factors that influence one’s decision on who to marry. Tribe where one comes from is among the many factors that define the choice of a partner to marry. In Kenya there are over 44 tribes that are recognized by the constitution. These tribes have diverse cultures that shape the character and personality of an individual. Out of these over 40 tribes, there are those that are the best to marry from and here we will look into the first ten in an ascending order.

  1. The Luo

Luos are Nilotes who are categorized under the River-Lake Nilotes. This is due to the fact that they were aligning themselves along the rivers and lakes during the migration and settlement. In Kenya, Luos are the only River-lake nilotes.

They are found in the areas around lake Victoria in the former Nyanza region presently covered with four counties- Homa Bay, Migori, Kisumu and Siaya.

Luo ladies are very romantic whenit comes to sexual activity and the fact that they have heavily built and nicely shaped behinds make them so attractive. They are also good in making stories and boredom is not a problem when you have a luo lady. To add to it, they are also inteligent and learned. Marrying one will be the best thing.

On Luo men, they are known to be the most philanthropic in East and Central Africa and so having one will actually make you be treated as a queen.

2.The Luhya

Luhyas are falling at number two in this category. They are Bantus residing in the Western Kenya. Luhya ladies are beautiful and submissive. As men always want a submissive woman, getting a Luhya lady will mean getting the peace you need. They are also good cooks and Kenyan main meal, Ugali and Chicken, will be served to you as required.

Luhya men are also equally good when it comes to bed and they will make you enjoy the marriage. They are also a bit philanthropic now that they border the Luos so they tend to be influenced.

3. The Akamba

These great people are found in the Eastern region of Kenya. Their women compete Luo women on curves. They are very good looking and one cannont afford to resist marrying an Akamba lady.

Little is known about Akamba men but from several experinces, they are not really rated well with those who have tried a thing with them but they will definately make a good and responsible father to your children.

4. Kikuyu

These are known Kenyan businessmen and women. Their ladies are nowadays slowly taking over men especially in major towns for their beautiful face and clear skin color. They are also nowadays having some great bottoms. They will help you with your businesses as they are born business people.

Kikuyu men are also a good choice for a husband and many ladies nowadays scramble for them.

5. The Kalenjin

Kalenjins are a large group of Plain and Highland nilotes occupying major parts of the Kenyan Rift Valley. They have beautiful ladies who are submissive out of the strict Kalenjin culture that shapes their behaviour as early as possible. Mostly they do not marry outside their tribe but if you get one then you will be served well and you will feel like a real head of the house.

6. The Kisii

These highland bantus are found in Nyamira and Kisii counties in Western Kenya. They are praised to be good in bed and marrying one will guarantee you a happy marriage. They are also hardworking people who will work hard to make your life better. Their women are also heavily endowed and beautiful. A little bit of anger issues but they are still a great choice.

7. Ameru

Meru women are another great category to go for. Their beauty has it all but you must be ready to deal with anger issues.

8. Taita

These we only rate their women. They are light skined ladies whose looks cannot be ignored. The level of discipline mostly engrossed on the strict Islamic culture shape them to be a very good choice for marriage.

9. Giriama

Coastal women, like Giriama ladies, make excellent brides. Make the mistake of dating a Giriama lady because they never break up. You will dump them, but they will remain loyal to you. These angels are quite forgiving.

Their love is a spell, and you will automatically be loyal to them, especially Digo females. They are excellent cooks who will charm their way into your stomach. It is unarguable about the essence of Giriama females’ attractiveness.

10. The Maasai

The Maasai are known for being the fiercest tribe in Kenya, and they have the greatest spouses. Furthermore, as a result of their preservation of most customs, the Maasai are among the wealthiest people in terms of cattle. Their ladies are inherently subservient and motherly.


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