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List of top 20 all time Marthon record holders men


Marathon is the lomgest ever race in the athletics sports and olympic games. It covers a distance of 42.195 kilometers in total. This is like going round a standard football pitch 122 times. This can still be equal to running from Ongata Rongai town in Kajiado county to Ruiru town in Kiambu county through the Naiorbi City.











There are many people who have competed in this race over time since its inception into the Olympic games in 1896 when Spyridon Louis won gold in a time of 2:58:50. Since then, there have been several marathon races all over the world. Here is a list of the to 20 marathon record holders for men over time;



These numbers are tied so that is why some of the title are the same.


















  1.  Kelvin Kiptum

The 23 year ol Kenyan made history on 8th October 2023 when he broke the world record after running the Chicago Marathon race in 2:00:35 to become the current record holder.

2. Eliud Kipchoge

He held the record until Kiptum took over from him. He broke the record on 25th September in 2022 at the Berlin marathon after running for 2 hours 1 minute and 09 seconds.


3. Kenenisa Bekele

He is an Ethiopian and on 29th September 2019, he held the record after competing in the Berlin Marathon in 2:01:41

















4. Birhanu Legese

Birhanu Legese is also an Ethiopian who held the marathon record at 2:02:48 at the Berlin marathon of 29th September 2019.

5. Mosinet Geremew

Geremew is also from Ethiopia. During the London marathon of 28th April 2019, he made headlines after running the racein 2:02:55.


















6. Dennis Kimetto

Kimetto is a Kenyan marathoner whoheld the title in 2014 when he participated in the Berlin Marathon held on 28th September. He ran in 2:02:57


7. Titus Ekiru

He is also a Kenyan and on May 16th 2021, he held the record at 2:02:57 in the Milano marathon held in Italy.












8. Evans Chebet

Chebet is from Kenya. He participated in the Valencia, Spain Marathon on 6th December 2020 where he held the record after running for 2:03:00

9. Gabriel Gerald Geay

He is a Tanzanian who took part in the Valencia Marathon and ran in 2:03:00 on 4th December 2022









10. Lawrence Cherono

Lawrence is a Kenyan too. He ran the Valencia Marathon on 6th December 2020 in 2:03:04

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