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List of Top 10 Best Colleges in Kenya

Best Colleges in Kenya

The vast majority see tertiary training as a course to an effective vocation and life after school. Thus, understudies and parent the same endeavor to find the best colleges in Kenya. All in all, what qualifies as a magnificent institution considering the quantity of Kenya colleges? Indeed, a few measurements can enable you to choose while choosing Kenya colleges to take a crack at for a diploma or certificate course. Like with all life choices, quality ought to consistently be the need.

List of Top 10 Best Colleges in Kenya

1. Kenya Institute of Management (KIM)

Founded over 60 years back, the Kenya Institute of Management has built a reputation for offering the best training in management, business, and consultancy in Kenya. The overarching objective of KIM is to champion integrity, competitiveness, and excellence in organizations and individuals globally. As such, the Kenya Institute of Management offers a very competitive diploma and certificate packages in management designed to help a learner enhance skills and develop a professional edge.

Moreover, KIM also has programs customized for graduates in other fields who intend to improve their management prowess. Therefore, both the first time and continuing students stand to benefit from the institution. Also, KIM has implemented strict measures to ensure that students maintain professional standards, truthfulness, and honesty.

The National Industrial Training Authority accredited KIM as a learning institution. KIM has branches in Chuka, Eldoret, Embu, Kakamega, Kapsabet, Kericho, Kisii, Kisumu, Kitengela, Machakos, Meru, Mombasa, Nairobi, Naivasha, Nakuru, Nanyuki, Narok, Nyahururu, Nyeri, and Thika.

The Kenya Institute of Management founded the Company of the Year Awards Kenya that recognizes leading organizations in various fields. The awards are in line with KIM’s core values which include collaboration, entrepreneurship, innovation, excellence, and integrity. On its part, KIM has received several recognitions and awards. If you are passionate about management and consultancy, this could be your college to hone your skills.

2. The Co-operative College of Kenya

Founded in 1967, the Co-operative College of Kenya is the pioneer institution that offers competitive training in co-operative development. Currently, a fully-fledged university, Co-operative college also offers certificate, diploma, and bachelor’s courses in community development, information and communication technology, rural transformation, applied sciences and business.

Co-operative College of Kenya is ideal for all students looking to venture into the social development and microfinance fields. The institution is renowned for being a quality provider of education in co-operative development. Also, Co-operative College has the necessary resources to enable you to succeed in your major. The Co-operative College also has an e-learning platform tailored for those who cannot access its campuses. You can apply online to secure a chance at the university.

3. Kenya Utalii College (KUC) – Best Colleges in Kenya

The Kenya Utalii College stands tall among the only three International Association of Hotel Schools members from Africa. Founded in 1975, Utalii College prides itself on being a top tourism and hospitality learning institution in Africa. To date, Utalii has produced over sixty thousand graduates, some of whom have secured jobs locally and internationally.

In its quest to offer world-class training, the KUC implements several strategies including collaborating with reputable institutions locally and globally in training, research, consultancy and capacity building. Some of the partners include the Uganda-based Makerere University, Manchester Metropolitan University UK, Zambia’s Dr. Livingstone International University of Tourism Excellence and Business Management and Tanzania’s Zanzibar Institute of Tourism Development. In Kenya, Utalii College works with the University of Nairobi to provide a Bachelor of Arts (Hospitality Management) and Bachelor of Arts (Travel and Tourism Management).

Apart from hospitality and tourism courses, Utalii College offers International Travel Agency (IATA) training and the Japanese language. Moreover, the institution is the sole Japanese Proficiency Language examination center in East and Sub-Saharan Africa. KUC is also the premier and only member of the Association of Hospitality and Tourism Schools Secretariat for Africa. KUC is also an affiliate member of the World Tourism Organization an arm of the United Nations. In 2016 and 1996 Utalii college had the honor of hosting EUHOFA International Congress.

To top it all, Utalii College has produced top-performing students in the IATA examinations. Also, students from KUC have competed in several international competitions representing Kenya. If you want to be a world-class professional in tourism and hospitality, then go ahead and apply for Utalii College’s next intake.

4. Institute of Advanced Technology

The Institute of Advanced Technology Kenya is famous for its information and technology courses. IAT is working towards being a center of excellence and a benchmark in education and training. To this end, the Institute of Advanced Technology focuses on implementing best practices and offering world-class training in conducive environments. Currently, IAT has campuses in Mombasa, Nakuru, and Mombasa.

IAT offers diploma, certificate, professional courses, and bachelor’s programs tailored to meet market needs. The college also partners with Maseno University in providing some of the programs. As a certified Microsoft Partner, IAT offers students the necessary equipment to excel in information technology. The college boasts training over 25,000 students so far. IAT has also established a reputation for its ICDL and NCC certifications that are internationally recognized. Moreover, students at IAT enjoy personal attention, free internet, and equipped libraries as well as the guidance of qualified tutors.

5. Tangaza University College – Best Colleges in Kenya

Tangaza College is a Catholic-run institution that offers certificate, diploma, bachelor’s, and postgraduate courses to students from over forty countries. Tangaza College, founded in 1986 intends to promote academic excellence and Christian values in a multicultural environment.

To this end, Tangaza college customizes its programs to prepare holistic servant leaders who can initiate change in the church and society. Tangaza College works with several institutions including the Catholic University of East Africa, DePaul University Chicago, and Duquesne University Pittsburgh USA. The college is ideal for a student looking for quality education founded in the gospel values.

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6. The Kenya Medical Training College

Most aspiring health professionals covet a spot at the Kenya Medical Training College established in 1927 to offer mid-level health training. With about sixty-five constituent colleges, KMTC intends to produce competent health experts through providing quality training and research.

As it is, the institution releases over eight thousand graduates each year who enter the health sector (private and public). The KMTC boasts the highest number of workforce in hospitals across the country. So, what makes the Kenya Medical Training College the ideal training and learning institution?

First, the Kenya Medical Training College has experienced and qualified staff who will guide you through your stay. Also, KMTC uses different learning techniques including research and consultancy. Given that the institution works in collaboration with hospitals, you will get hands-on training in the medical field.

Currently, KMTC offers about 70 certificate, diploma, and higher diploma courses designed to serve the medical needs in Kenya and beyond. It is no wonder that KMTC ranks among the leading medical training institutions in the East and Central Africa region. Plus, students come from Nigeria, Tanzania, Burundi, Uganda, Sudan, and Rwanda. Lastly, the Kenya Medical Training College has a very competitive admissions process. If you are planning on venturing into the medical field, visit the KMTC website to find out more.

7. Machakos University College – Best Colleges in Kenya

Machakos University College received the green light to be a fully-fledged university in 2011. Until then, the institution had been in operation since 1957 first as a technical rural training school. The college has several certificates, diploma, and bachelor’s programs in engineering and technology, social sciences, applied sciences, agriculture, education, tourism, band business. Currently, the student population is over 6,000 who enjoy the services of the qualified teaching staff. Also, the college has a well-equipped library.

8. Kenya School of Monetary Studies

The Kenya School of Monetary Studies (KSMS) is a brainchild of the Central Bank of Kenya formed with the objective of building capacity in the banking and finance industry. KSMS also hopes to equip banking professionals with the necessary skills in financial management and economic reforms. In the 1990s when KSMS began, Kenya did not have institutions that offered specialized training in banking, economics, and finance.

At first, KSMS provided short management courses. Today, the Kenya School of Monetary Studies offers several diploma and undergraduate courses. Further, the KSMS provides research services to the Central Bank Monetary Policy Operations and other policy interventions. KSMS also works with JKUAT and Moi University to offer customized postgraduate programs. The learning methodologies at KSMS also include contextualized case studies and participatory approaches.

9. Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC)

In 1961 when it began, the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication’s objective was to train technicians and engineers for the only local TV station then Kenya Broadcasting Services now KBC. More than fifty years later, KIMC continues to offer quality training in media and communication. However, this time the graduates serve in the local and international media industry. Plus, KIMC not only attracts students from Kenya but also those from Rwanda, Gambia, Sudan, Somalia.

Currently, the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication offers several certificates, diploma, and postgraduate courses in TV/Radio production, engineering, Film/Video production and broadcast, and print journalism. KIMC has also invested in modern facilities to ensure students have adequate resources to prepare them for the job market. Also, KIMC customizes its programs to meet the current and future needs of the media industry. Notable alumni from the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication include veteran KBC anchor Jacquline Kamonya and the current Deputy State House Spokesperson and Deputy Head of PSCU Kanze Dena.

10. Kabete Polytechnic Training College

The Kabete Polytechnic Training College has undergone several phases since it started in 1924. First, it was the Native Industry Training Depot. During World War II, the school became a recruiting barracks.

After the war, it became a learning institution offering trade courses to students in primary school and then transformed into a National Technical Secondary School. In 1985, all National Technical Secondary Schools in Kenya became Technical Training Institutes. The changes marked the birth of Kabete Polytechnic a center of excellence in the provision of technical courses. In the beginning, the college offered courses in trade, electronics, engineering, business, and carpentry and joinery.

It is this rich history that has enabled Kabete Polytechnic Training College to be a leading college in Kenya. So far, Kabete has produced thousands of graduates. Kabete Polytechnic also offers KNEC courses. In 2015, the school had a 100% pass rate in Pharmacy Examinations. Also, the institution does well in extracurricular activities like sports, music, and drama. Kabete also boasts being the inaugural TVET to exports engineering spare parts to China after winning the coveted Africa Tech Challenge.

Other notable colleges in Kenya include;

11. Amani College
12.Nairobi Institute of Business Studies
13. Railway Training Institute Nairobi
14. Kenya School of Government
15. Rongo university college
16. East African School of Management
17. Rift Valley Training Institute
18. Kisumu Polytechnic
19. Kenya School of Petroleum Studies
20. Kenya Institute of Special Education

How to choose the best college in Kenya

As promised, we will give you some tips on how to select a college in Kenya.

First, you need to know your major or at least your career aspiration. For example, if you want to focus on a business-related course, then it is best to look for a college that excels in the field. In the list above, we have pinpointed the areas of specialization of each institution. So, why is this important? Well, you need to enroll in a college that has adequate resources (human and infrastructure) to help you succeed. Also, most employers known colleges by their areas of specialization.

Secondly, scrutinize the programs offered in-depth. Find a college that gives you more value than the other. For example, one institution may offer a business administration course plus IT. Alternatively, some colleges help students find placements for internships and attachments.

Find out about the reputation of the college. You can do this by consulting alumni or researching online. Inquire how past graduates are coping with life after school. If you are close to HR personnel, ask them about their view on programs offered in the colleges.

Level your expectations versus what the college is offering; this applies mostly to those looking for further studies. Let say you are a manager and want to enhance your skill, find out what is on offer. Then decide if it matches your needs or not.

Check for value for money. As you search for the best college in Kenya intensifies, you will discover that the fees charged may differ significantly. Therefore, you will have to weigh the quality of education versus the cost before making a decision.

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