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List Of The Cheapest IGCSE Schools in Kenya

IGCSE schools in Kenya

IGCSE schools in Kenya have been in presence since the pilgrim times when they were solely set-up for the provincial pioneers. After autonomy, in any case, these schools conceded all; with a high volume of conceded understudies originating from guardians who were utilized by outside government offices and the global network. The greater part of the universal schools in Kenya are private. All IGCSE schools in Kenya pursue the British curriculum.

Kenya positions among the top in worldwide school expenses charged on guardians looking for premium training for their youngsters, in Africa. A portion of these guardians part with abundances of KSh. 2.5 million per year to keep their children in school. The above is a confirmation of the expectation and trust Kenyan guardians have placed in training as the way to progress. With all due respect, the aftereffects of these schools are clear in the number of affirmations Kenya brags in worldwide colleges like Yale. With schools like the International School of Kenya (ISK) energizing to KSh 2.7 million/year/youngster, it is practically difficult to think there are modest IGCSE schools in Kenya.

Despite what might be expected, there are generally reasonable IGCSE auxiliary schools in Kenya that Kenyan guardians can take their children, to give them an equivalent took shots at life, similar to those in world-class schools. The following is a rundown of schools offering the IGCSE system in Kenya at a moderate cost.

Affordable IGCSE schools in Kenya

When determining the cheapest IGCSE schools in Kenya, several factors come into play such as your income versus the fees. Cheap is subjective, so is affordability.

This article lists schools with fees of less than two million Kenyan shillings per child in a year. The schools are arranged based on year 1 to 3 fees, and it starts with the cheapest to the highest.

It is important to note that the amounts vary from one year to another, therefore, we cannot rank the schools conclusively in an ascending or descending order. Also, some of the schools offer boarding facilities and other requirements that make the fees to go up.

1. Brookhurst International School

Tucked away in the heart of Kajiado county, Brookhurst International School prides itself as a progressive, multicultural, value-based day and boarding school in Kenya. Brookhurst provides an expansive campus populated by well-equipped learning centers, engaging extracurricular facilities and homely sleeping quarters.

The schools offer the British national curriculum that is accredited by Cambridge and Edexcel, giving learners a chance to join universities locally and worldwide. Brookhurst charges an average yearly fee of KSh 435,000, placing it among the cheapest such facilities in Kenya. Parents or guardians also pay KSh 15,000 one time signing up fee which translates total first-year fee to KSh 450,000, still cheaper than other schools in the category.

2. Oshwal Academy

Oshwal Academy is a child of the Oshwal community and comes top in the list of cheap IGCSE schools in Nairobi and Mombasa. The school’s core values are integrity, empathy, diversity, and teamwork. Oshwal Academy charges between KSh 91,000 to KSh 166,000 per term for students between year 1 and year 2. Parents also pay ten thousand Kenyan shillings for admission and KSh 15,000 as well as an optional KSh 18,500 for transport.

3. Riara International School

Riara international school offers quality and transformative education based on the British National Curricula (BNC). The primary skills offered in the BNC include;

  • Communication,
  • Application of number
  • Information technology
  • Working with others
  • Problem-solving, and
  • Improving own learning and performance.

The school promotes growth in talent by offering co-curricular activities like swimming, choir, orchestra, football, and dance among others. For years one to six, Riara International School tuition fees range from one hundred and thirty thousand and one hundred and eighty Kenyan shillings per term. The other charges add up to Kshs 24500. If you want your child to have personal music lessons, you will have to part with Ksh 1250 per session. The fee is slightly lower than other international schools in Kenya, making it one of the cheapest IGCSE schools in Nairobi.

4. Rusinga School

Rusinga School, one of IGCSE curriculum schools in Kenya, offers education to students at different stages of learning. They charge school fees from KSh 180,000 to KSh 443,000, for students between year one to year 11 per term. In addition, parents pay transport fees ranging from Kshs 39,375 to Ksh 81,750 depending on the area they live in. For lunch, you will have to part with between sixteen thousand seven hundred Kenyan shillings to Ksh. thirty-eight thousand. Rusinga School offers discounts of up to thirty percent of the tuition fees for parents who have more than one child at the school.

5. The Aga Khan Academy

It is almost impossible to mention best performing IGCSE schools in Kenya, without including The Aga Khan Academy. The school is multi-cultural with different cultures across the world represented. In addition to this, the academy has made deliberate efforts to promote a balance between academic, sporting, and cultural activities within the institution. The school is well-coordinated right from the nursery school up to grade 10 and 11. The senior school incorporates the Cambridge IGCSE syllabus in grades 10 and 11, to allow students to obtain their IGCSE certificate. The Aga Khan Academy fees range from Ksh 241,800 to Ksh 477,750 for grade 7 to IBDP 2 a term.

6. Hillcrest International School

Hillcrest is a group of schools with a reputation that precedes it. It is among the IGCSE boarding schools in Kenya. The school provides educational services, following the British curricular, for children aged eighteen months to eighteen years old. The school offers a suitable environment that fosters mutual respect and promotes physical, intellectual, and social growth. The boarding facility is adequately equipped to cater to the needs of preparatory and secondary students. Fees differ depending on the level in which the student is. For between year 1 and year 13, Hillcrest charges Ksh. 275,00 and Ksh 616,000 each term.

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7. Banda School

Banda School is along Magadi road, Langata. It is among international schools in Nairobi offering flexible boarding facilities to students. It gives students boarding options like full weekly boarding or individual day boarders. Banda School British curricula follow the national curriculum guidelines, equipping students with the right skills and opportunities to join reputable institutions abroad. The school has categorized into three: pre-prep, junior, and senior school. Pre-prep is from year one to year six, the junior is from year six to year nine, while senior is from year nine to year thirteen. School fees charged at Banda School, per term, depends on the level of study that you are in, and it can be up to KSh. 614,000 every term for tuition. The boarding fee is Kshs 195,000 or 4,500 per day.

8. Peponi School

Peponi School is found about a kilometer from the Thika superhighway. The school offers education services based on the British curriculum. They pride themselves in making responsible world citizens who are risk-takers, ambitious, knowledgeable and people of integrity. The school offers an excellent learning environment that not only focuses on academics but also the talents of the children. Peponi School is located in Ruiru town, Kenya. It provides flexible boarding services. Parents pay Sh. 5000 for their kids to spend a night in school. Nonetheless, the charges do not apply if the request to spend a night in school comes from the school administration. Full boarders have to pay KSh 983,400 per term, whereas weekly boarders and day pupils pay Sh. 928,725 and KSh 696,675 respectively. The caution deposit is two hundred and seventy-five thousand Kenyan shillings for Kenyans and Ksh 350,000. A complete fee structure is accessible via the official Peponi website admissions page.

9. Braeside School

Founded in 1994, Braeside has grown from serving the Kenyan population to serving more than fifty nationalities. It is among IGCSE schools in Nairobi Kenya located off Muthangari road, in Lavington. The school structures into sections that focus on specific children’s needs. Braeside School also offers IGCSE certification following the national curriculum of England and Wales. Braeside is one of the IGCSE schools in Kenya that admit children from ages 3 to 18. The school, recently, joined the Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA). Year 1 to 6 pay an annual tuition fee of KSh 751,500. Year 11, pay a tuition fee of KSh 910,800.

10. Brookhouse International School

Brookhouse International has made a name for itself as a center of quality education. Its picturesque buildings make one wonder if it is in the right location, at Langata, a suburb within the larger Nairobi County. It accepts admission from students of different ages, beginning from three-year-olds to nineteen-year-olds. It is also open for day scholars as well as borders, making it one of the IGCSE schools in Kenya Nairobi offering boarding facilities to its international students. Year one and year two in this institution part with Sh. 300,000 and Sh. 530,000 per term, for their tuition. On the other hand, Year 11 students pay up to Ksh 1,060,000 a term.

11. Braeburn School

Braeburn Group of international schools is a group of schools offering quality education, following the British curriculum in Kenya and Tanzania. It started in 1979 as a single school and metamorphosed over the years to become one of the largest groups of schools in the east side of Africa. It boasts a population of students of over three thousand six hundred, aged 2-18. It has sixteen co-educational international schools distributed over nine campuses each offering IGCSE and GCE A-level to its students. Year 11 pays tuition fees totaling to Sh. 1,590,600. For a comprehensive fee structure visit the Braeburn School portal. In Kenya, Braeburn has schools in major towns like Mombasa, Kisumu, and Nairobi.

IGCSE schools in Nakuru Kenya

Nakuru is a town in Kenya, in the former rift valley province and current Nakuru county. It homes reputable schools that boast of quality education, through the production of high quality and competitive students in the market. Some of the international schools, offering IGCSE curriculum in Nakuru include:

12. Greensteds International School Nakuru

Greensteds International School borders the Nakuru National Park. It is positioned about sixteen and a half kilometers from Nakuru town. Greensteds was founded in 1936, by Mr. and Mrs. Greensteds, as a junior school. It has morphed over the years to become a world-class institution; offering education services up to 6th form. It admits students from different cultures and nationalities, as boarders or day students. They charge one hundred and twenty-two thousand Kenyan shillings for years 1 and 2, day scholars and KSh 372,000 for boarders. A comprehensive fee structure can be found on the school’s website.

13. St Andrew’s Turi

St Andrews Turi classifies among the top international Christian schools in Kenya. It locates in Turi, between Nakuru and Kericho. It is made up of preparatory school pupils (aged three to thirteen) and senior high school (pupils aged 13 to 18). The school is built on Christian values and considers its ultimate aim of being encouraging pupils to live and lead with integrity. To reserve a place in the institution, you need to pay half of the term’s boarding fee, and this will be refunded when your child leaves the school. Per term, the day scholars in nursery school have to part with one hundred and fifty-nine Kenyan shillings, while reception, years 1 and 2-day school fees are 319, 200 Kenyan shillings per term, and this is inclusive of the tuition fee.


Cheapest IGCSE schools in Kenya give opportunities to parents who seek quality education for their children. These schools distribute equitably across the country. IGCSE schools in Kisumu, Nairobi, and Mombasa serve a multicultural crop of students seeking to brighten their future through quality education. Most of the private IGCSE schools in Kenya mentioned earlier appear in the top IGCSE schools in Kenya, making them a suitable choice for any parent seeking a good IGCSE school for their child.