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List of The Best Music Producers in Kenya

music producers in Kenya

In no specific request, here are probably the dopest music producers in Kenya who are catalyzing the music business giving it force, reason and an ability to know east from west.

We as a whole love great music, be it dancehall, local people, nation, conventional hip-jump, the class truly doesn’t generally make a difference. There are considerably more endeavors, time and ability put into creating great music. Very frequently, we neglect crafted by music makers, simply giving him acknowledgment for good beats and showering the artiste and the video chief for their great work. What does a music maker do at any rate? He is the task administrator for recording, blending and acing process, an architect who works late in the night to make a gem. He is a spark, rousing the craftsman and training them on their center quality. Some are a brilliant ticket into your lobby of notoriety. Presently you know.

List of Best Music Producers in Kenya

Richy Bitz

You should be interested in the person who produces melodies for King Kaka. Now you know, Richy Bitz is Kaka Empire’s in-house maker.

iLogos Music

Pacho Records has been physically active doing hit tunes. Ilogos has especially delivered hits like 4Mulla, Adabu by Dela ft Hart The Band and accomplishing such a great deal more.

Kid Kora

He has been delivering basically all the Kansoul Hits.

Jack on the Beat

He is so on point. He has delivered Femi One’s hit Tippy Toe, Bazokizo, Zigwembe, Arrow Boy’s Murder, Sema Ngwe by Fena Gitu and so on.

Kagwe Mungai

Taurus Musik is one of the biggest creation houses joining best craftsman, across East Africa any semblance of Dela, Alicous Theluji, Lady Jay Dee. Kagwe Mungai is one flexible craftsman, who has been recognized as an in-house maker by Taurus Musik. He was the mind behind Nishike by Sauti Sol among other huge hots that presented him as a craftsman. He is slanting with his most recent hits Baas Baaas and Till The End, where he was the maker and craftsman. He is most likely acceptable at what he does.


Khaligraph Jones possesses Blue Ink Studios and Motif is the primary man that has honey bee delivering all his most recent hit tunes.


This is another craftsman maker who has to end up being probably the best maker in Kenya right now. Raj, the same number of you realize him without any assistance created his collection named B.A.E that some great jams. He worked with other Kenyan artists, for example, Notiflow and Kahligraph in his Music Bank studio.

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In the wake of working with Sauti Sol for quite a while, he chose to go out there and help different specialists to make it in media outlets. Did I notice that Cedo is generally excellent with piano, and he is an eaten up family man? He has worked with legendaries like Nyashinski, Avril. Let’s not abandon giving him awards for the lovely Malaika melody and Mungu Pekee, Aminia by Nyashinski, he worked superbly.


Super maker, as he calls himself Madtraxx has lived to deliver hits for the Kansoul and different artists in Kenya together with Kid Kora.

Bizzy B

Produced the greater part of Willy Paul hit melodies.

Eric Musyoka

This one of the veteran music makers in Kenya who made professions of top specialists in Kenya that have stayed applicable to date. He claims a music studio with the name Decimal Records that has been inactivity for as long as 21 years.

Magix Enga

He considers himself the beat lord, and really he merits the name. Accuse your obliviousness in the event that you have no idea about who this boss music maker and his ongoing effective works. So these hit tunes that have been ruling the wireless transmissions since the year started are works of his hands, he has worked with Timmy Tdat, Otile Brown, just to Menton yet a few. You will concur with me that Magix Enga is a virtuoso whose hands are too skilled as each other craftsman he works with, kind of gets effective.

Teddy B

Among the most well-known gospel music makers, he has earned his legitimate position someplace there. Working with Size 8, and Willy Paul on the TamTam Remix was an achievement for the gospel business. He has worked with different craftsmen in the gospel business to advance its significance and we admire him with so much adoration.

Saint P

He has been doing his thing for a while. You recall Sari by Dk kwenye beat fr Antoneosoul, wasn’t that so lovely and inventive of him? He is an ace of the distinction with experience and aptitudes. Saint P has worked with other Gospel craftsmen like Bahati, Kambua, Eyko Didda, Jimmy Gait, Rufftone.

R Kay

He is otherwise called Robert Kimanzi. He is one of the most looked for after music makers across East Africa who has won different honors and has worked with the most elite. He is the person who created Mafeelings by Dela. He has likewise worked with Bobby Wine, Kidum, Lady Jay Dee, Ray C, Professor Jimmy Gait, Oliver Mtikudzi, Mercy Masika, Suzanna Owiyo

Philip Makanda

Did you realize Jaguar owes Mainswitch creation, and the man behind his hit melodies is Philip Makanda? He has likewise worked with different dope craftsmen such as Vivian, Kendi, Zikki, and Elani.

Jacky B

Plenty of gospel hits are under his name. He has created music for Size 8, Daddy Owen, and so on.

Ulopa Ngoma

Those club bangers that get you in the state of mind on Friday night, you ought to salute this person for hits like, Wabe, Eish, and others.


Being a craftsman and a maker simultaneously is splendid. Naiboi has delivered a ton of hits from his Pacho Records studio and his work is dope.

End of music producers in Kenya list.