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List of the Best Law Schools in Kenya Currently

Law Schools in Kenya

Positioning the best law schools in Kenya can be an overwhelming assignment, particularly when you think about the rising number of blended audits and repudiating research considers. Various investigations have been done by Kenyan associations and others by global research elements, with the outcomes marginally negating.

Accordingly, we have investigated every one of the examinations planned for positioning the best law schools in Kenya, at that point think of our very own rundown that suits each and every component from these examinations.

It’s significant that one foundation may be amazing in one field of law and an alternate organization will create better graduates in an alternate field of law. For example, one school may deliver the best graduates in corporate law and global law while another produces the best in administrative law and criminal law.

For some, students, picking a professional way in Kenya is one of the most testing things over that once one has picked their ideal vocation in Kenya, the following obstacle comes when choosing where to seek after courses and professions in Kenya, and surprisingly more dreadful one doesn’t have a clue where to seek after the vocation.

For those students in Kenya who have chosen to do law in Kenya, however, don’t have a clue where in Kenya Law course is offered, this article is for you and furthermore for those with enthusiasm for discovering where law courses in Kenya are advertised. A portion of the schools and colleges in Kenya that offer a bachelor’s degree education in law in Kenya incorporate;

Best Law Schools in Kenya

Below we rank some of the best law schools in Kenya starting with the one we identified, based on research studies and global competitions, to produce the best graduates every year.

1. University of Nairobi School of Law

University of Nairobi School of Law is one of the best law schools in Kenya. Established in 1970, the school main task is running a training program for the legal profession that leads to a degree of Bachelor of Laws (LL.B).

The school also offers Masters of Law and Ph.D. Programmes. Apart from its School of Law producing some of the best law graduates in Kenya, the University of Nairobi is currently ranked the best university in East and Central Africa, followed by Uganda’s Makerere University.

2. JKUAT School of Law

Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology School of Law produces some of the best engineering graduates as well as graduates in Law courses. Based on the performance of JKUAT Law students at the Kenya School of Law, their consistency over an extended duration has placed the institution as one of the best providers of Law programs.

3. Kenyatta University School of Law

Located in Parklands Campus, Kenyatta University School of Law is also known to produce the best law graduates in Kenya. The school was started in May 2008 and has grown in stature to be ranked among the best law schools in Kenya. According to the latest from the school, it seeks to expand its reach by admitting more law students from other East African countries.

Law Schools in Kenya
PHOTO: Kenyatta University Law School

4. Strathmore University School of Law

Strathmore University School of Law ranks top among the best law schools in Kenya. Back in 2017, Strathmore University School of Law registered the best performance in the annual Bar examinations usually administered by the Council of Legal Education. While law students from other Kenyan universities registered a pass rate as low as 10% in the exams, Strathmore School of Law students recorded a pass rate of 66%, which was the highest.

To add the icing on the cake, three students from the school namely Maleehah Khandwalla, Catherine Penda and Mishael Wambua beat students from Harvard University to win the John H Jackson Moot Court on World Trade Organisation (WTO) Law contest. The three were not only the first group of African students to achieve the feat, but also the youngest to be crowned champions.

5. Mount Kenya University (MKU) School of Law

Established in 2009 and granted provisional accreditation two years later, MKU School of Law seeks to produce high-quality graduates in different fields of law. According to a study conducted last year by a task force instituted by former AG Githu Muigai to do an analysis on how law students fare at the Kenyan School of Law, MKU School of Law was ranked the best private university in producing law graduates.

NB: Bar exam is a mandatory requirement for any law graduate who wishes to joins the legal profession in Kenya.

6. Moi University School of Law

Moi University School of Law has been a consistent institution in producing the best law graduates in the country. Established in 1994, the school has risen to become one of the most preferred institutions offering law in Kenya. Moi University has currently ranked the 4th best university in Kenya and continues to provide quality higher education to Kenyan students.

7. Nazarene University School of Law

If there are courses that are synonymous with Nazarene University, then they are law-related courses. Ranked among the best law schools in Kenya, the Nazarene University School of Law has steadily grown to challenge the best-ranked universities in Kenya, such as the University of Nairobi and Strathmore University.

8. Catholic University of Eastern Africa School of Law in Kenya

The Catholic University of Eastern Africa school of law in Nairobi is located along Langata Road past the Bomas of Kenya towards Karen. The Catholic University of Eastern Africa school of law has a faculty of law in Kenya that offers a bachelor’s degree in law.

The entry requirements for the private university law program at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa are Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education with the minimum mean grade of C+ (Plus) or the equivalent among others that can be found on the school of law website. http://www.cuea.edu/index.php/faculty-of-law

9. Riara University School of Law in Kenya

The Riara University School of Law in Nairobi was opened earlier on this year on Mbagathi Road and Applicants for the Bachelor of Laws degree in Kenya must have scored a mean grade of B- and above in KCSE or its equivalent, with a B plain in English To be a part of Riara Law School program in Kenya, a person must participate in an oral interview to be selected and should be a person with good leadership skills and qualities.

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Kenya School of Law?

This is the only bar school in Kenya and admits undergraduate law students from recognized universities in preparation for their admission to Kenyan Bar. The Kenya School of Law was established in 1963 as a law vocational training school, and later re-established in 1995 as an independent institution under the Council of Legal Education Act. Its specific mandate was to organize and conduct courses for the development of legal professionals.

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