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List of the Best Free to Air Decoders in Kenya


On the off chance that you are new to the use of free to air decoders in Kenya and maybe pondering which one to buy, at that point look no further. This article is intended for you! Here, you can discover in excess of ten assortments of free to air decoders in Kenya. Peruse on to discover their quality, costs and the channels offered by every one of them.

Free to air decoders in Kenya and costs have been profited to you so you can settle on educated decisions on what meets your requirements and spending plan. For example, Sonar decoder is by all accounts among the least expensive free to air decoders in Kenya at the present time.

Subsequent to experiencing the rundown of free to air decoders in Kenya, you will have enough data to empower you to pick the best one. Reasonable free to air decoders in Kenya appears to be a sweetheart to numerous Kenyans. This is along these lines since one is just required to acquire a one-time obtaining cost and appreciate free various channels for a lifetime.

Free to air digital decoders in Kenya guarantee you make the most of your preferred channels without paying month to month subscription charges. This is a colossal alleviation to numerous Kenyans who have a rundown of bills to pay. All free to air decoders in Kenya make some one-memories cost at the hour of procurement. This cost goes about as the subscription charge. The buyer in this way turns into a free supporter of that decoder. It is additionally conceivable to turn around subscription from pay decoders to free to air decoders.

One such decoder that offers this invert alternative is StarTimes. Free to air digital decoders in Kenya overwhelmed the market after the administration stopped the simple transmission and relocated to digital telecom to satisfy the world’s guidelines. The rundown of free to air decoders in Kenya 2016 empowered Kenyans of varying backgrounds to manage the cost of viewership of their preferred TV channels without month to month subscriptions.

There are in excess of 10 free to air decoders in Kenya starting at now and they may keep on expanding since their interest is by all accounts on the ascent also.

Free to Air Decoders in Kenya

 Sonar Decoder

Sonar digital decoder is a free to air decoder that you can use and not have to worry about incurring any monthly charges to continue enjoying your favorite program.

Other advantages include a wide variety of channels, a USB input that you can use to connect your USB devices, and clear images.

This was among the first free to air decoders in Kenya 2017 since its first appearance was on Aug 19, 2017. Its price is currently at Ksh.1,741.

Thy Word Decoder

It’s free to air decoder with a button at the front and it comes in silver color. The switch enables you to lock it completely so you don’t have to leave it on standby mode while not in use. The decoder is completely MPEG4 DVB T2/DVBS2 decoder, meaning that you can get digital video broadcasting channels through terrestrial.

Hotpoint decoder

Hotpoint free to air decoder has an amazing collection of 28 channels, and it allows you to access these channels without the requirement of a satellite dish.

Purchase yours today from Hotpoint shops and outlets countrywide for a price of Ksh.3,195 and a one year warranty.

Bamba decoder

Bamba TV decoder was launched in Kenya on 22nd Dec 2014 by Lancial Digital Broadcast Limited. This is a branch of Radio Africa Groups. It is one of the free to air TV decoders in Kenya today with a one-time cost of Ksh. 3,600.

With a Bamba TV decoder, you are privileged to watch over 50 local and international channels. The Bamba team encourages registration for Bamba TV within 60 days after making a purchase.

Failure to register within the provided time will automatically lead to the deactivation of your Bamba decoder.

Registration of Bamba TV decoder is done by sending the following details: your full name, identification number, mobile number, location, set up box serial number, and smart card number. The details should be sent to customerservice@bambakenya.co.ke.

You can also register your decoder by dialing *297#. The registration will be carried out on your behalf by the Bamba customer care team.

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ADN Decoder

ADN set-top box goes for Ksh.3,600 to Ksh.4,500 and they are available in the market-place. The price varies because there are two different packages provided.

The channels that can be watched on this decoder include Inooro TV, citizen TV, KBC, KTN Home, KTN News, K24, NTV among other channels.

They provide a strong signal, which is clear and gives you an opportunity to enjoy more than 15 channels without paying monthly subscriptions.

Phelister decoder

Phelister decoder was introduced in the market in May 2018. It is a free to air decoder that also relieves you of monthly subscription charges. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy viewership of a variety of local channels.

Other features include full HD 1080P, USB input and personal video recorder (PVR).

The Big Box

The Big Box from Safaricom is worth your time and money. This free to air decoder is like no other since it comes with over 30 channels on a one-time cost and it is currently going for Ksh.4,999.

The free to air decoder runs on Android Jelly Bean and you can record to a memory card or USB. The set-top box is an android device and it has 1GB of RAM and 4GB internet storage.

You can also expand the internet storage to 32GB by the use of a memory card or a flash drive.

the big box decoder

Technosat Ts 1500 HD

It’s free to air HD decoder best known for creating great receivers. Some of its best features include full HD MPEG 4 decoder, and Blind scanability. It also supports USB 2.0 PVR.


StarTimes Media international Television Company is the owner of StarTimes Kenya. It is among the free to air decoders for sale in Kenya currently. The StarTimes decoder provides two options. You can choose to have a pay decoder or free to air decoder. If you choose to have the star-time-free to air decoder, you will incur a one-time cost of Ksh.3,300 to Ksh.4,200 depending on the package that you choose.

For those viewers who have already purchased the pay decoder, they are given the option of paying a one-time cost of Ksh.2,500 and automatically become free to air subscribers. This is what it takes for StarTimes subscribers who were initially under the pay decoder service to have their devices reversed to a free-to-air decoder.

Sky Life decoder

Skylife is a free to air decoder, thus you will only incur a one-time cost for purchasing it. It is currently going for Ksh.1,799. It is fully approved by the communications authority and you will definitely have a chance to enjoy viewership of over 70 channels.

The impressive feature that comes with this decoder is the ability to record one channel as you watch another. This means you will enjoy all your favorite programs. It also gives you an opportunity to listen to the radio as you play games. Isn’t this amazing? Purchase yours today and enjoy this and much more!

SumsuTech DVB T2

The TV die-hard fans will definitely enjoy viewership of over 30 TV channels and numerous radio stations as well. The list will continue to grow as time goes by. This free to air decoder has a USB port and can also be used to play your videos, show photographs, and music through it. You can also record and save your favorite program or music for future reference.


In conclusion, The above free to air satellite decoders in Kenya relieves you of the stress of incurring more monthly bills. If you haven’t acquired yours today, utilize this information and only go for the best in terms of your needs and budget. If the thought of paying just to watch TV does not add up, then go ahead and choose what you are most comfortable with.

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