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List of tallest skyscrapers in Nairobi


Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and is the business hub for East Africa. This city is arguably among the most famous cities in Africa and a very fast growing one in terms of development and infrastructure. In the infrastructure, the city has very unique and beautiful buildings that have given it the landmark it deserves. Here we look at some of the tallest and famous  buildings in Nairobi.

The Britam Towers.

It is located in the Upper Hill area of Nairobi city. Upper Hill is one of the coolest and beautiful areas within the city that hosts most of offices and government officials. Britam is 200 meters high and its construction was completed in 2018.

It is a 31-storey building and was built in form of prism. Britam boasts to be the first building in Africa to be named 10th best skyscrapers I’m the world by Emporis Skyscrapers Award.

GTC Building

This is the newcomer in the Nairobi’s beautiful skyline. The building is 184 meters in height and was built for 6 years since 2015 but was officially opened in January 2022 by former president Uhuru Kenyatta.

GTC which is Global Trade Center is the headquarters in Africa of Chinese construction and real estate firm Avic. It has 43-storey.

UAP Old Mutual building

This was the tallest building by 2016 and it is 163 meters tall. The building has 33-storey and has grade A office spaces. It is also located in Upper Hill.

Times Towers

It is considered as one of the strongest buildings in Nairobi going by its thick walls and was designed to withstand earthquake. Located along the Hailed Selassie Avenue in Nairobi, the building is 140 meters tall and is entirely occupied by the Kenya Revenue Authority. It was completed in 2000.

Prism Towers.

Its official name is King’s Prism Tower and stands 133 meters tall. This unique building is in Upper hill and it takes design of prisms and is built using glasses. It has 34-storey and was completed in 2018.

Lémac Towers

It is a Dubai styled building that cost ksh. 3.5 billion to construct. It is found in Westlands along Waiyaki Way. It has both offices from the first to sixth floor and is 126 meters tall. It was done in 2019.

Parliament Towers

It is a new building in town that was built by the Parliamentary Service Commission and will be having parliament offices. It is 123 meters tall. It is opposite the parliament building.


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