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List of Secondary Schools in Kenya Where Billionaires Have Grown.


A World Bank report rated Kenya’s education system as the best in East and Southern Africa.

The report showed that education is important in promoting inclusive development and reducing poverty. “Learning remains one of the most important resources for any country to promote growth and reduce poverty, and that cannot happen without a strong foundation,” said World Bank chief economist Pedro Cerdan-Infantes.

Education plays an important role in the path to success of billionaires by providing individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge, and ideas appropriate for entrepreneurial endeavors.

1. St. Mary’s School

Mary’s has produced some of the top traders in Kenya. Among them are retired president Uhuru Kenyatta, KANU chairman Gideon Moi, Nairobi tycoon Jimmy Wanjigi and Muhoho Kenyatta. In January 2023, Oxfam listed Uhuru as the fourth richest person in Kenya with a fortune of KSh 60 billion.

However, the report warned that Uhuru’s wealth may be linked to his extended family. Wanjigi, a graduate of the prestigious school, said his rise to become a billionaire stemmed from humble beginnings as a garbage collector in Nairobi.

“My first business was garbage collection. I started private garbage collection in this country. There was a time during the Moi administration when garbage in this city was a dream,” he said.

2. Kapsabet High School

Kapsabet High School in Nandi County was established in 1925 as the Government African School (GAS) during the colonial period. The biggest billionaires who studied at the institution are President William Ruto, the late retired president Daniel Moi and former Cabinet minister Henry Kosgei. The Moi family is estimated to be worth more than $3 billion (KSh 468 billion), according to Forbes.

3. Friends School Kamusinga

The late billionaire businessman Chris Kirubi was among the best students at Friends School, Kamusinga. A good student, he was accepted to Harvard Business School and later to Handel University in Sweden. He received his master’s degree from INSEAD – a non-profit business school and European universities.

Kirubi, who died on June 14, 2021, was a director of Centum Investment and chairman of Capital Group Limited, which owns Capital FM. He was the owner of several other businesses and properties, including DHL Express Kenya Limited, Haco Industries Kenya Limited, and Kiruma International Limited.

4. Starehe Boys Center

Starehe Boys Center was established in 1959 and has produced the best students in the country for many years. Among the famous students of the school who run multi-million businesses are former Gatanga Member of Parliament Peter Kenneth and former Cabinet minister Raphael Tuju.

Kenneth is one of the richest politicians in Kenya and was one of the largest shareholders of Mayfair Bank.

5. Maranda High School

Maranda High School is an academic giant in the Nyanza region. Former vice president Jaramogi Oginga and his son Raila Odinga studied in Maranda. Raila revealed that he was worth KSh 2 billion in an interview with one of TV station in Kenya.

“People say I am very rich. I am not rich. I am worth KSh 2 billion which we own together as the Odinga family,” he revealed.