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List of Radio Stations in Kenya, Contacts, Location and Frequencies

Radio Stations' Frequencies in Kenya

Kenya is the center of East Africa as it has, throughout the years, turned into where a significant part of the organizations and financial exercises occur in the district. Right now, the nation gloats of the biggest media bunches that control both on the web and print media in the area. Aside from huge private and government-controlled organizations and associations that produce the amplest coursing Kenyan papers, there are various TV stations and in excess of 100 radio stations in Kenya, of which the vast majority of them can likewise be tuned in to on the web. Radio stations in Kenya give an incredible way to remain refreshed with all the most recent news and current data from Kenya and the past. Since the advancement of the news media in Kenya during the 1990s, there has been a noteworthy increment in the number of radio stations in the nation. This incorporates those that take into account a particular statistic.

In late time, an ever-increasing number of Kenyan radio stations that represent considerable authority in neighborhood content conveyance and do as such in the nearby dialects, have started to jump up. Some portion of the purpose behind this might be ascribed to the way that the cost of radio stations’ licenses is getting less expensive to obtain. This has made it increasingly moderate for those ready to wander into the segment as prove by the way that there were under ten radio stations in Kenya in 1999, yet this has expanded to more than 100 in number 10 years after.

Top radio stations in Kenya

As the Kenyan media scene is getting progressively expanded, supporters and brands need to utilize the most recent data in basic leadership to abstain from losing significant publicizing cash. Here are the top radio stations in Kenya as per GeoPoll Media Measurement. As observed in the above table of the top radio stations in Kenya, Radio Citizen 106.7 FM that has a place with Royal Media Services positions at the top reliably with a normal of 16.2 percent rating countrywide. The rating was gotten subsequent to taking studies for the duration of the day with pinnacle hours being somewhere in the range of 6 AM and 8 AM. Standard Media Group’s Radio Maisha 102.7 FM comes next with a rating of 12.8 percent pursued intently by Radio Jambo 97.5 possessed by Radio Africa Group with a rating of 9.2 percent. This shows these main three radio stations in Kenya have improved in prominence in the profoundly focused field. One reason why they have kept up their positions is having well-known entertainers for their morning and night appears.

The fourth radio station at the highest priority on the rundown of radio stations in Kenya is MediaMax Ltd’s Milele 93.6 FM, with a 6 percent positioning pursued by Classic 105 (5.6 percent) and Kiss 100 (5.2 percent) additionally claimed by MediaMax Ltd individually. Ramogi 101.7 FM claimed by Royal Media is the seventh and is famously known for broadcasting syndicated programs, business, diversion, sports projects, and Lingala and benga music blend in Luo. While Kameme 101.1 FM and Inooro 88.9 FM each have a rating of 2.7 percent broadcasting in Kikuyu, Radio Taifa comes at the base of the ten best radio stations in Kenya as far as listenership. The radio stays as the most focused piece of the media business where Swahili, vernacular, and English are the significant classifications of the FM radio stations in Kenya. Other order criteria incorporate games and religion. The extreme challenge in the media business constrained Nation Media Group to down its apparatuses in its three radio stations: Nation FM and QFM that were situated in Nairobi and KFM in Rwanda on account of poor profitability.

Christian radio stations in Kenya

There are a few Christian radio stations in Kenya that attention to contacting their crowd with the good news of Jesus Christ. These stations are spread everywhere throughout the nation, with some of them having across the nation inclusion. By and by, even those that are limited to a specific territory can at present be arrived at online since a large portion of them are a piece of the online radio stations in Kenya. Here is a portion of the main Christian radio stations in Kenya dependent on the territory they spread.

1. Hope 93.3 FM

This radio station previously went on air in 2003 and communicated in various areas in Kenya, with its recurrence being 93.3. A portion of its mainstream projects incorporate Praise Junction, Hope for Today, Breath of Heaven, and Activate.

2. Family Radio 103.9 FM (Radio 316)

Also called Radio 316, Family Radio 103.9 FM is one of the main Christian radio stations in Kenya situated in Nairobi and was established in the late 1990s. It is live on air for 24 hours seven days per week and highlights advanced gospel music and other Christian substance like lessons and television shows.

3. Bibilia Husema Broadcasting (BHB) FM 102.5

BHB 102.5 FM is situated in Nairobi and was set up to advance Christianity in Kenya. It highlights different projects, including Christian lessons, music, and lecturing.

4. Truth FM 90.7

With the point of getting the message out of God in Kenya and abroad, Truth FM 90.7 is under the service of African Inland Church Kenya. It is live on air for every one of the hours of the day consistently and communicates in English for the greater part of the time.

5. Imani Radio 88.8 FM

Appearing on the rundown of radio stations in Kenya, Imani Radio 88.8 FM is a Christian radio station broadcasting from Kitale. It highlights different well-known projects like Merikebu, Blessed Moments, and Baraka Rizikini. The rundown of Christian radio stations in Kenya is perpetual, with a few stations being set up each year. Their frequencies can likewise fluctuate from district to locale, yet the vast majority of them are typically constrained to a specific crowd and zone.

Hip Hop radio stations in Kenya

Here is a rundown of top hip hop radio stations in Kenya nearby their frequencies:

1. Homeboyz Radio (HBR) 103.5 FM

This is a well-known radio station in Nairobi that highlights hip jump music and different amusement programs. A portion of the eminent HBR 103.5 FM projects incorporates the morning Gmoney, Uptown Nights, Trinity Connect, The Juice, and Jam Session.

2. Campus Radio

Campus radio is one of the hip bounce radio stations in Kenya that communicate principally on the web. It is a most loved station for most city adolescents and understudies in view of the kind of music it plays and the sheng language utilized more often than not.

3. Kiss 100 FM 100.3

Kiss 100 FM, with its recurrence being 100.3 and 100.0 in certain spots, is the main web stage that fundamentally includes data and stimulation. It has a wide inclusion countrywide and online because of its contemporary hit tunes.

4. Capital FM 98.4

Having been on air since the mid-1990s, Capital FM 98.4 communicates day by day, consistently covering most pieces of the nation. Its programming consolidates general data, way of living substance, national and universal news, and games.

Rock radio stations in Kenya

There are three significant Rock radio stations in Kenya incorporating Classic 105 with the trademark “Great occasions and incredible hits,” Campus Radio and XFM 105.5 “genuine music.” There are high odds of this rundown developing longer with time as more Rock devotees raise the need to stay aware of the pattern.

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Kamba radio stations in Kenya

With each clan attempting to have radio stations in Kenyan telecom in their vernacular, Kamba individuals have not been forgotten about as the rundown of Kamba radio stations in Kenya is developing every year. These stations feature Kamba conventions and culture while broadcasting different substances like news, music, live television shows, sports, and instructive projects. Here are the top Kamba radio stations in Kenya and their frequencies that you can tune on your electronic gadget or on the web.

  • Musyi FM – 102.2
  • Mbaitu FM – 92.5
  • Athiani FM – 99.2

Kikuyu radio stations in Kenya

There two spearheading Kikuyu radio stations in Kenya that show up on the best ten rundowns of the greatest radio stations in Kenya, generally speaking; Kememe FM 101.1 and Inooro FM 88.90. Though they communicate only in Kikuyu, they have collected listenership everywhere throughout the nation airing news things, hit melodies, television shows, and instructive projects. The following are a portion of the main Kikuyu radio stations in Kenya:

  • Kememe FM – 101.1
  • Inooro FM – 88.90
  • Gukena FM – 92.8
  • Njata FM – 93.3
  • Coro FM – 99.5

Kalenjin radio stations in Kenya

These are radio stations in Kenya that communicate utilizing Kalenjin language, with the vast majority of their audience members being situated in the popular Rift Valley area. The following are a portion of the top Kalenjin radio stations in Kenya:

  • Kass FM – 90.0
  • Chamgei FM – 97.5
  • Emoo FM – 104.2
  • Kitwek FM – 92.9
  • Taach FM – 95.1

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Luo radio stations in Kenya

Luo radio stations have the greater part of their audience members moved in the Lake Victoria bowl in the previous Nyanza territory. Here is a portion of the main Luo radio stations in Kenya:

  • Radio Lake Victoria – 92.2FM
  • Ramogi FM – 101.7
  • Radio Nam Lolwe – 97.3FM
  • Mayienga FM 93.5

Despite the rising number of online music gushing administrations like Youtube, Boom Music, Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music, radio stations in Kenya have kept up their situation as the main alternative for most music darlings. This is on the grounds that radio stations offer an increasingly advantageous and modest approach to tune in to their preferred shows and the most recent music discharges. It very well may challenge to decide what number of radio stations in Kenya are operational in the nation, however here is an outline rundown of the usually known radio stations in Kenya and their contact areas.

List and Contact Addresses of Radio Stations in Kenya


1. Capital FM – 98.4

  • Lonhro Hse, 19th Flr, Standard St, Nairobi
  • P.O.Box: 74933-00200 City Square
  • Tel: +254-202210020
  • Mobile: 0736984930

2. Easy FM – 96.3

  • Nation Centre, Kimathi St, Nairobi
  • P.O.Box: 49010-00100 Nairobi GPO
  • Tel: +254-203288000

3. Classic FM – 105.2

  • Lion Place, 2nd Flr, Waiyaki Way, Nairobi
  • P.O.Box: 74497-00200 City Square
  • Tel: +254-204244000
  • Mobile: 0711046200

4. Hot 96 – 96.0

  • Communication Centre, Maalim Juma Rd, Nairobi
  • P.O.Box: 7468-00300 Ronald Ngala
  • Tel: +254-202721415

5. MediaMax Network Ltd – Kameme FM Branch

  • Longonot Place, 3rd Flr, Kijabe St, Nairobi
  • P.O.Box: 103618-00101 Jamia
  • Tel: +254-202216010
  • Fax: +254-202249781

6. Mulembe FM – 97.9

  • Communication Hse, Maalim Juma Rd, Nairobi
  • P.O.Box: 7468-00300 Ronald Ngala
  • Tel: +254-202721415

7. Ghetto Radio – 89.5

  • Security Building, 4th Flr, Park Rd, Nairobi
  • P.O.Box: 38797-00600 Ngara Rd
  • Tel: +254-202691900
  • Mobile: 0733443886

8. Muuga FM – 88.9

  • Communication Centre, Maalim Juma Rd, Nairobi
  • P.O.Box: 7468-00300 Ronald Ngala
  • Tel: +254-202721415

9. Radio Star – 105.9

  • Kisii Auto & General Bldg, Hospital Rd, Kisii
  • P.O.Box: 12-40200 Kisii
  • Mobile: 0724485359

10. Radio Maisha – 102.7

  • Standard Group Centre, Mombasa Rd, Nairobi
  • P.O.Box: 30080-00100 Nairobi GPO
  • Tel: +254-203222111

11. Sound Asia FM

  • Block DAusten Place, School Ln, Nairobi
  • P.O.Box: 12505-00400 Tom Mboya St
  • Tel: +254-204453400
  • Fax: +254-204453405
  • Mobile: 0722880880

12. Homeboyz Radio – 103.5

  • Ambar Hse, 2nd Flr, Baricho Rd, Nairobi
  • P.O.Box: 20774-00202 Kenyatta N. Hospital

13. Ramogi FM -107.1

  • Communication Centre, Maalim Juma Rd, Nairobi
  • P.O.Box: 7468-00300 Ronald Ngala
  • Tel: +254-202721415
  • Mobile: 0733999005

14. Baraka FM – 95.5

  • Nairobi
  • P.O.Box: 49262-00100 Nairobi GPO
  • Tel: +254-203879722
  • Mobile: 0725964449

15. Musyi FM – 102.2

  • Communication Centre, Maalim Juma Rd, Nairobi
  • P.O.Box: 7468-00300 Ronald Ngala
  • Tel: +254-202721415

16. Radio Rahma

  • Rockwell Plaza, Mkomani Rd, Mombasa
  • P.O.Box: 16735-80100 Mombasa
  • Mobile: 0714925318

17. Ghetto FM – 89.9

  • Nacico Olaza, 3rd Flr, -West WingLandhies Rd, Nairobi
  • P.O.Box: 9687-00300 Ronald Ngala
  • Mobile: 0720242997

18. Kameme FM

  • Longonot Place, 3rd Flr, Kijabe St, Nairobi
  • P.O.Box: 103618-00101 Jamia
  • Tel: +254-20312110
  • Fax: +254-202249781
  • Mobile: 0729312101

19. Egesa FM – 103.4

  • Communication Centre, Maalim Juma Rd, Nairobi
  • P.O.Box: 7468-00300 Ronald Ngala
  • Tel: +254-202721415

20. Q FM – 94.4

  • Nation Centre, Kimathi St, Nairobi
  • P.O.Box: 49010-00100 Nairobi GPO
  • Tel: +254-203288000

21. Sauti ya Mwananchi – 100.9

  • Cigma Bldg, 2nd Flr, 229 Mburu Gichua Rd, Nakuru
  • P.O.Box: 1929-20100 Nakuru
  • Mobile: 0713952131

Summary list of radio stations in Kenya, location and their frequencies

Abiengo FM Kakamega 89.5
Radio Injili FM Kericho 103.7
Bibilia Husema Nairobi 96.7
Radio Maendeleo Bondo 98.6
Radio Amani Nakuru 88.3
Homeboyz Radio Nairobi 103.5
NRG Radio Nairobi 91.3
BBC World Service Nairobi 93.9
Capital FM Nairobi 98.4
China Radio International Nairobi 91.9
ATG Radio Nairobi 91.1
Hope FM Nairobi 93.3
Shine FM Nairobi 103.9
Milele FM Nairobi 93.6
Anguo FM Taita Taveta 90.9
Kameme FM Nairobi 101.1
Pilipili FM Mombasa 99.5
Emoo FM Nairobi 104.2
Mayian FM Nairobi 100.7
Meru FM Meru 88.3
Mwanedu FM Voi 96.1
Nyota FM Bungoma 107.3
Nation FM Nairobi 96.3
Kalya FM West Pokot 106.5
Imani Radio Kitale 88.8
Baraka FM Mombasa 95.5
Family FM Nairobi 103.9
Star FM Garissa 97.1
Kiss 100 Nairobi 100.3
Classic 105 Nairobi 105.2
Radio Jambo Nairobi 97.5
East FM Nairobi 106.3
XFM Nairobi 105.5
Gukena FM Nairobi 92.8
Voice Of America Nairobi 107.0
Iqra FM Nairobi 95.1
Radio Salaam Nairobi 90.7
Kass FM Nairobi 89.1
KBC English Service Nairobi 95.6
KBC Radio Taifa Nairobi 92.9
Coro FM Nairobi 99.5
Pwani FM Mombasa 104.7
Iftiin FM Nairobi 101.9
Nosim FM Nairobi 90.5
Ingo FM Nairobi 100.5
Kitwek FM Nairobi 97.9
Mayienga FM Nairobi 93.5
Minto FM Nairobi 101.7
Mwago FM Nairobi 97.5
Radio Waumini Nairobi 88.3
ECN Radio Nairobi 99.9
KU FM Nairobi 99.9
USIU Radio Nairobi 99.9
KOCH FM Nairobi 99.9
Ghetto FM Nairobi 99.9
Light FM Limuru 99.9
MMU FM Nairobi 99.9
Pamoja FM Nairobi 99.5
Shine FM Nairobi 103.5
Sauti Ya Mwananchi Nakuru 100.9
Radio Mang’elete Kibwezi 89.1
Gulf Radio Karachwonyo 88.3
Wikwatyo FM Kitui 103.5
MMUST FM Kakamega 103.9
Radio Maria Murang’a 88.1
Baraton FM Kapsabet 103.9
Radio Mambo Webuye 97.1
Mugambo FM Meru 102.3
Olmaa Suswa FM Narok 89.3
Kangema Ranet FM Murang’a 106.5
Bulala Ranet FM Budalangi 107.5
Kwale Ranet FM Kwale 103.5
Serian FM Malaral 88.9
Hossana FM Lodwar 89.5
Baliti FM Isiolo 102.7
Radio Sahara Kisumu 94.3
Radio Umoja Nairobi 101.5
Radio Nam Lolwe Kisumu 97.3
Radio Lake Victoria Osienala Kisumu 92.1
RFI Kenya Nairobi 89.90
Truth FM Nairobi 90.7
Sound Asia FM Nairobi 88.0
Hits FM Nairobi 99.5
One FM Nairobi 97.1
2 FM Nairobi 87.7
Radio Rahma Mombasa 91.5
Inooro FM Nairobi 98.9
Hot 96 FM Nairobi 96.0
Radio Citizen Nairobi 106.7
Ramogi FM Nairobi 107.1
Bahari FM Nairobi 94.2
Chamgei FM Nairobi 95.0
Mulembe FM Nairobi 97.9
Sulwe FM Nairobi 89.6
Wimwaro FM Nairobi 93.0
Muuga FM Nairobi 88.9
Vuuka FM Nairobi 95.4
Egesa FM Nairobi 98.6
Musyi FM Nairobi 102.2
Radio Maa Nairobi 103.5
Free FM Mombasa 94.2
Sayare FM Eldoret 102.9
Radio Kisima Nyamira 89.7
Radio Maisha Nairobi 102.7
Shekki FM Mombasa 106.6
Trans World Radio Nairobi 101.1
Wajir FM Wajir 90.9
West FM Nairobi 94.9
Yepchinit FM Kericho
Mwariama FM Nairobi 105.9
Egerton Radio Njoro 101.7
Mururi FM Nairobi 107.3
Risala FM Garissa 96.7
Qwetu Radio Nairobi 95.3
Taach FM Nairobi 95.1
Hero Radio Nakuru 99.0
Moi Radio Eldoret 103.9
Mtaani Radio Dagoretti 99.9
Equator FM 98.1 Maseno University.