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List of President William Ruto’s Nicknames


After the 2022 August general election in Kenya, William Ruto arguably became the most talked about personality in Kenya. This includes even calling him names, some of which are not really nice while some are meant to praise him.

Here is a list of the most popular names that Kenyans have given to William Ruto;

  • Chief Hustler – He rode on the hustler nation narrative as his political tool to identify with the ordinary Kenyans and voters.


  • Bill – This is name that only his wife Rachael Ruto is fond of calling him to show her love and affection to him since his name is William. The name originate from German name Willahelm where Will means resolute protector.


  • Zakayo – This might not be a really pleasing one as it is used to mock his administration style which is so much focused on taxing Kenyans by introducing so many taxes on various goods and services. This made Kenyans to liken him to Biblical Zacchaeus the Tax Collector. 


  • Baba Abby – This name became popular after he publicly announced and accepted that he got a baby out of wedlock and the baby is named Abby.


  • Vasco Danganya – This is the new name he recently got after creative Kenyans decided to compare his numerous foreign trips to the historical British Explorer named Vasco Da Gama but now instead of the Da Gama they replaced it with Danganya, a Swahili word meaning to tell a lie since Kenyans believe his many campaign promises were just but lies and he has continued to lie.


  • Nabii – This names alludes to Ruto’s strong public show of his religion where he show so much love towards religion and being a born again Christian.


  • Kaunda Uongoman – Instead of the popular Congolese musician Kanda Bongoman, Kenyans decided to name Ruto as Kaunda Uongoman due to his perceived perennial lies he tell Kenyans and his love for putting on popular African suit called Kaunda Suit that was made famous by president Kenneth Kaunda.


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