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List of luxury buses operating from Nairobi to Dar e Salaam

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We have summarised a full list of luxury buses to journey with from Nairobi to Dar es Salaam anytime. The driving interval connecting Dar es Salaam and Nairobi is nearly 900 kilometers (559 miles). The calculated flying distance connecting the two capitals is 673 kilometers (418) miles.  It’s unmistakably a long distance that compels you to travel with the most luxurious and economical buses. There are quite several buses that run daily between Nairobi to Dar es Salaam. Most of these buses employ the Namanga road which is comparatively shorter contrasted to the Mombasa-Tanga road.

Here is a listing of the most reliable buses to adopt from Nairobi to Dar es Salaam and vice versa.

1. Marangu Luxury Shuttles

They allow regular private shuttle services from Nairobi to Arusha and Moshi. They allow the door to door pickups from all suburban neighborhoods nearby to the Nairobi CBD, Jomo Kenyatta airport and every hotel in the Nairobi CBD. Already in Tanzania, Marangu Luxury Shuttles also effects the transferal services to hotels in Moshi and Arusha. While onboard, you get to endure pleasure and first-class aids. All vehicles are furnished with amazingly comfy recliner seats, as well as an enormous volume of interior scope. Transportation prices start from Ksh 3,000, for example, Nairobi to Arusha.

You can reach them through +254 203 555 780 / +254 722 165 331 or compose an email to info@marangushuttles.com / marangushuttle@gmail.com for bookings. Their Nairobi offices are found at Windsor House, 4th Floor along University way or Muindi Mbingu street Junction.

2. Tahmeed

It also grants daily services connecting the Nairobi-Dar es Salaam highway. Embarkation time is continually at 6:00 a.m. Ticket prices extend from Ksh 3,500. It is one of the top-managed buses, with the many accountable staff whose nucleus decree is to guarantee customer content and value. For any queries, you can reach them on, +254 729 356 561.

3.  Modern Coast

It is a luxury bus that functions within East Africa. It presents both the first-class and job class service on board. It crosses the Nairobi-Dar es Salaam highway every day, with charge varying between Ksh 3350 to Ksh 3850. Its Nairobi booking room is positioned at Cross Lane, Accra Road, while the Dar es Salaam booking office is positioned at Lumumba Street within Tandamti and Pemba Street. For additional questions, you can reach them on, +254 709 897 000.




4. Dar Express

It is one of the largest bus service corporation in Tanzania. The business has buses which work every day within the Dar es Salaam- Nairobi road.  The firm prides in stylish capacious buses with sufficient legroom and other typical services and grants like wifi, refreshing drinks, and onboard enjoyment. For any queries, you can reach the Nairobi booking post through, +254 728 808 114

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5. Saibaba Express

It is a Tanzanian headquartered bus operative that moves transversely East Africa. The corporation has buses which link Tanzania and Kenya every day. Embarkation time is invariably at 6:00 a.m at both the Nairobi Central bus terminus and the Ubungo bus terminus in Dar es Salaam. It travels to and from Dar es Salaam- Nairobi through Arusha. For more queries, you can reach the Nairobi booking office by +254 711 976 017.

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