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List of Businesses owned by William Ruto and scandals he has been involved in


William Ruto is a Kenyan politician who has been the country’s sixth president since September 13, 2022. Prior to becoming president, he was Kenya’s first elected vice president from 2013 until 2022. Previously, the position was known as Vice President, and the incumbent was unelected and selected by the President. He formerly held three cabinet positions: Minister of Home Affairs, Minister of Agriculture, and Minister of Higher Education.

He owns a lot of properties in the country and some of them have always brought a lot of controversy. He has been accused of owning some properties illegally.

  • Kitengela Gas
  • Weston Hotel, Nairobi
  • Murumbi Farm – Transmara Narok
  • ADC Laikipia Mutara Ranch – 15000 acres
  • Dolphine Hotel, Mombasa
  • Mata Farm, Taita Taveta – 2537 acres
  • Private residence Elgon View
  • Koitalel poultry farm Eldoret
  • Private Residence in Kosachei Eldoret
  • Kwae Island Development Ltd – Wilson Airport (2 hangers and 5 helicopters)


Kenya Pipeline company

Ruto was accused of robbing the Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) of significant sums of money through shady property dealings in 2004. He was exonerated in 2011, but the police reopened their inquiries into the matter in 2020 as their relationship with President Uhuru Kenyatta appeared to be deteriorating amid the President’s quest for an anti-corruption battle.

Muteshi land

A court ordered Ruto to compensate a victim of the 2007–2008 post-election violence 5 million shillings in restitution in June 2013. The victim claimed that Ruto had wrongfully taken his land during the post–election unrest. Adrian Muteshi, who evacuated his farm for safety during the post-election turmoil of 2007–2008, had accused Ruto of seizing and trespassing on his 100-acre parcel of land in Uasin Gishu. Ruto filed an appeal in February 2014 against the court’s mandate to pay the 5 million shilling fine. Ruto abandoned his appeal against the ruling in 2017. Adrian Muteshi passed away at the age of 86 in October 2020 from an undisclosed illness.

Joseph Murumbi 900 acre land

According to a story in the Daily Nation from October 2019, Ruto was troubled by his involvement in the shady purchase of a 900-acre plot of land belonging to another former vice president, Joseph Murumbi. The pieces, according to Ruto, were relentless and blatantly sponsored fake news in the same month. Later, still in the same month, a human rights advocacy group called for a probe into the puzzling purchase of a 900-acre plot of property that had previously belonged to another former vice-president Murumbi.

Weston Hotel land

Ruto has been accused of acquiring the land where Weston Hotel stands in irregular manner. The land is said to belong to the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority. The KCAA, which had previously inhabited the area, was handed alternate parcels of land belonging to another governmental body, the meteorological department, in 2001. The alternate plot of land on which Ruto’s Weston Hotel was built was not occupied by KCAA.

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