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List Of All Wards In Tana River County


Here is a compilation of administrative wards in Tana River County, situated in the former Coast Province of Kenya, covering an expansive area of 35,376 km². Named after the Tana River, the county shares borders with Garissa to the North, Isiolo to the Northwest, Lamu to the Northeast, Kilifi to the Southeast, Taita Taveta to the South, and Kitui to the West.

The county’s administrative structure includes three sub-counties and a total of 15 administrative wards, listed below for your reference.

List Of All Wards In Tana River County

Bura Constituency Wards

  1. Chewele
  2. Hirimani
  3. Bangale
  4. Sala
  5. Madogo

Garsen Constituency Wards

  1. Kipini East
  2. Garsen South​​
  3. Kipini West
  4. Garsen Central​​
  5. Garsen West​​
  6. Garsen North

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Galole Constituency Wards

  1. Kinakomba​​
  2. Mikinduni
  3. Chewani​​
  4. Wayu