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List of All Wards in Nyamira County

List of All Wards in Nyamira County

Explore the administrative divisions of Nyamira County, one of the 47 counties nestled in the picturesque South Western region of Kenya. This county, spanning across 912.5 square kilometers, is home to a vibrant community of 700,000 residents. The bustling hub of Nyamira Town proudly serves as the county’s administrative center.

Within Nyamira County, you’ll discover five distinct sub-counties, each intricately carved into 20 electoral wards. Below, we’ve thoughtfully compiled a comprehensive list of these wards for your reference.

List of All Wards in Nyamira County

Kitutu Masaba Constituency Wards

  1. Rigoma Ward
  2. Gachuba Ward
  3. Kemera Ward
  4. Magombo Ward
  5. Manga Ward
  6. Gesima Ward

West Mugirango Constituency Wards

  1. Nyamaiya Ward
  2. Bogichora Ward
  3. Bosamaro ward
  4. Bonyamatuta Ward
  5. Township Ward

North Mugirango Constituency Wards

  1. Itibo Ward
  2. Bomwagamo Ward
  3. Bokeira Ward
  4. Magwagwa Ward
  5. Ekerenyo Ward

Borabu Constituency Wards

  1. Mekenene Ward
  2. Kiabonyoru Ward
  3. Esise Ward
  4. Nyansiongo Ward

In summary, Nyamira County, a part of Kenya’s South Western region, encompasses a land area of 912.5 square kilometers and boasts a population of 700,000 individuals. Nyamira Town stands as the county’s administrative epicenter. The county is organized into five sub-counties, further divided into 20 electoral wards, as presented in the list above.

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