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List of All Wards in Mandera County

List of All Wards in Mandera County

Mandera County, located in the former North Eastern Province, is administratively organized into six Sub Counties: Mandera West, Mandera South, Banissa, Mandera North, Mandera East, and Lafey. The county’s capital is Mandera, the largest town within its borders. In total, there are 30 administrative wards in Mandera County, each contributing to the region’s governance and development.

List of All Wards in Mandera County

Lafey Constituency Wards

  1. Sala​​
  2. Fino
  3. Lafey
  4. Waranqara
  5. Alango Gof

Mandera South Constituency Wards

  1. Wargadou
  2. Kutulo
  3. Elwak South
  4. Elwak North
  5. Shimbir Fatuma

Mandera East Constituency Wards

  1. Arabia
  2. Libehia
  3. Khalalio
  4. Neboi
  5. Township

Mandera North Constituency Wards

  1. Ashabito
  2. Guticha
  3. Marothile
  4. Rhamu
  5. Rhamu Ditmu

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Mandera West Constituency Wards

  1. Takaba South
  2. Takaba
  3. Lagsure
  4. Dandu​​
  5. Gither

Banissa Constituency Wards

  1. Banissa
  2. Derkhale
  3. Guba
  4. Malkamari
  5. Kiliwehiri