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List of All Wards in Embu County

List of All Wards in Embu County

Discover the administrative tapestry of Embu County, nestled in the erstwhile Eastern Province, spanning an expanse of 2,818 square kilometers and inhabited by an estimated 609,390 residents. Unveil the county’s organizational intricacies as it comprises four sub-counties intricately dissected into 20 administrative wards, all meticulously outlined for your exploration.

List of All Wards in Embu County

Manyatta Constituency Wards

  1. Ruguru/Ngandori
  2. Kithimu
  3. Nginda
  4. Mbeti North
  5. Kirimari
  6. Gaturi South

Runjenjes Constituency Wards

  1. Gaturi North
  2. Kaagari South
  3. Kaagari North
  4. Central Ward
  5. Kyeni North
  6. Kyeni South

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Mbeere South Constituency Wards

  1. Mwea
  2. Amakim
  3. Mbeti South
  4. Mavuria
  5. Kiambere

Mbeere North Constituency Wards

  1. Nthawa
  2. Muminji
  3. Evurore