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List of All Wards in Baringo County

List of All Wards in Baringo County

Presented here is a comprehensive compilation of administrative wards within the confines of Baringo County. Positioned in the Rift Valley region of Kenya, Baringo stands as one among the 47 counties that constitute the nation. Encompassing an expanse of 11,075 square kilometers, the county shelters a populace numbering 670,000 individuals.

Nestled in Kabarnet Town are the administrative headquarters of Baringo County.

Organized into six sub-counties, Baringo County intricately unfolds into 30 electoral wards, each serving as a distinctive segment within this vibrant administrative framework. The detailed breakdown of these wards is thoughtfully provided for your perusal below.

List of All Wards in Baringo County

Tiaty Constituency Wards

  1. Tirioko
  2. Kolowa
  3. Ribkwo
  4. Silale
  5. Loiyamorock
  6. Tangulbei/Korossi
  7. Churo/Amaya

Baringo North Constituency Wards

  1. Barwessa
  2. Kabartonjo
  3. Saimo/Kipsara Man
  4. Saimo/Soi
  5. Bartabwa

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Baringo Central Constituency Wards

  1. Kabarnet
  2. Sacho
  3. Tenges
  4. Ewalel/Chapcha
  5. Kapropita

Baringo South Constituency Wards

  1. Marigat
  2. Ilchamus
  3. Mochongoi
  4. Mukutani

Mogotio Constituency Wards

  1. Mogotio
  2. Emining
  3. Kisanana

Eldama Ravine Constituency Wards

  1. Lembus
  2. Lembus Kwen
  3. Ravine
  4. Mumberes/Maji Mazuri
  5. Lembus/Pekerra


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