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List of All Free to Air TV Channels in Kenya

Free to Air TV Channels

Free to Air TV Channels, Kenya has since moved from the Analog TV broadcasting stage to Digital TV. All things considered, this is on the grounds that the world’s digital relocation cutoff time is set seventeenth June 2015 and all nations needed to go along by at that point. The digital relocation process in Kenya started on December ninth 2009, when the then President, Mwai Kibaki, propelled the digital TV signal in Nairobi.

The underlying stage saw Kenya obtain the DVB-T technology, yet the administration chose to move up to DVB-T2 in December 2010, since it has improved security highlights, can bolster digital sound, versatile TV and can suit both high and standard definition.

All free to air  TV channels in Kenya

If you have a Free-to-Air decoder or a digital TV, you will receive digital signals distributed by two distributors, namely; Pan Africa Group (PANG) and Signet. Local free-to-air channels that you will watch from these distributors include:

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