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List of 7 controversial statements made by pastor Ezekiel Odero


Pastor Ezekiel Odero is one of the most talked about pastors in Kenya. His recent predicaments in the alleged involvement in the Shakahola Massacre added to his controversies. Apart from the Shakahola issue, his teachings and beliefs have also been making him make headlines. Here are some of the statements from him that have seen him be a topic in the internet;

  1.  Don’t name your child Diana

This is the recent remarks from the man of God. He advised his followers to be careful not to name their children Diana as the name carries spirits of prostitution. According to him, any lady named Diana do not settle in a marriage and if she does then she becomes so toxic and manipulative such that they control their husbands.






2. Women with rasta have no husbands

According to pastor Ezekiel, any lady who decides to have her hairstyle as rastas will not end up in any marriage. He says that all women with rastas are single and do not stay in marriage. He added that even if any woman with a rasta is married, she is simply on her way out of that marriage.






3. Men should not wear wristband

The man oF God again made headlines after claiming that a man who has a wristband have marital issues. He claims that no matter how gentle the man is, as long as he has a wristband their marriage will not be stable.





4. Dera is a clothe for side chicks and marriage wreckers

The pastor has never spared ladies who are fond of dressing in dera. Dera is a Swahili culture long dress that is free and light. Many ladies even in other parts of the country nowadays love the dress even though it was originally a coastal dress. According to Pastor Ezekiel, the dress is for women who are used as side chicks and they are always home wreckers who destroy other people’s marriages.






5. Erling Haaland’s style of celebration is devilish

Erling Haaland is a professional football player currently playing for the premier league champions and European champions 2022 Manchester City. Whenever he scores, he would run and sit down with his legs crossed then lifts his hands up with two fingers on both standing. According to pastor Ezekiel, this celebration is a way of glorifying the devil as the footballer is a member of the dark forces.





6. Women with Tattoos are prostitutes

According to pastor Ezekiel, ladies whohave tattoos on their neck, chest, legs, arms, or thighs are involved in multiple sexual activities with many men and so whoever marries one should be ready to share her with others.





7. Woman with pierced nose do not have stable marriage

Women with pierced noses tend to have unstable marriages as per pastor Ezekiel Odero. The New Life pastor said that body piercings are devilish and always associated with prostitution.

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