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List of 100 new sheng words and their meanings in 2023


Languageis oe of the dynamic aspects of human life. The dynamism of a language is looked at in ters of how it grows over time. In Kenya, a new form of a language called Sheng has been evolving for decades especially in urban areas. Sheng is a combination of Swahili, English and or any other popular local languages. This language is so common among the youths and it is growing so quick that one word may change its meaning within a very short time. Here are some of the Sheng words in 2023 and their meanings;

Mboka –  a job

Niko mboka sasa hivi, tukutane baadaye.

Mta – home or where one stays

Jioni nitakuwa mta

Kindukulu – marijuana/Weed or cannabis sativa

Washa kindukulu

Saigon/Karao/ Sansee – a police officer

Wacha kwanza hao masaigon/makarao/masansee wapite

Morio – ma male friend

Dem –  a girl (young woman)

Gwaya –  to fear

Manambling –  haters

Mtiaji – a snitch

Kimonyoski – a group of people who have common interest

Mbogi –  a group of people

Bazu – a respected person

Donga –  your boss or a CEO

Bazenga –  someone who people like and respect too

Mokoro – a mother

Rwabe – two hundred (Ksh. 200)

Ikus – the private part of a woman

Nyandua – means to get intimate

Banja – to talk/speak

Zoza –  to start trouble

Ndom – weed

Mjulubeng –  the private part of a man

Poko – a prostitute

Riba –  a story

Ndula –  shoes

Riambez – means a cute girl

Shada – a roll of weed

Luku – dressing or dressed in a fashionable style

Thutha – behind

Zing/Mzing –  someone you know

Warena – a flashy lifestyle

Tenje – means a mobile phone

Nyuria – to die or death

Mpoa – a lady you are dating


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